how is a papavera in bodrum? how is the care?

In the spring, parks, gardens and balconies filled with colorful flowers. They are all in beautiful flowers and there is also a basement papaty. It belongs to the Papatyagiller family. Creamy, purple, blue, lilac, yellowish, pink, white with a pretty flower. It is also quite easy to cultivate this plant, known for its similarity to Papatya. The scientific name of this flower is osteopermum fruticosum. Also called African papaty. The leaves of this flower are dark. It is a durable flower and a perennial flower. The appearance adds beauty to the aesthetics. One characteristic of this flower is that it closes its flowers in the evening and opens the daylight. It opens its first flowers in the spring and continues to bloom until the end of summer. The flowers will close after a while. It is necessary to cut flowers as they start to fade. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the drying leaves. This plant can grow up to 60 cm. It is more suitable to grow in non-windy places. If he loves flowers, he will bloom continuously throughout the spring and summer. This flower should not leave the end.

Bodrum papaty can be reached easily both inside and outside. It grows easily in pots and in the gardens. The smell is also very beautiful.
Things to be aware of for the care of the basil papaya are: The flower needs to be sun-exposed and in a bright environment. Half-canopy can also grow in places, but it grows healthier in a bright place. But it is necessary to protect it from very hot. Full canopy areas do not grow well and the flowers are weak and at the same time they will soon fade.
In Bodrum basking, mild form of soil should be preferred. It should not be fertilized often.
Irrigation is very important in all flowers. Irrigation is also important for basking in Bodrum. Frequent irrigation during flowering period. Rested water should be poured. Drought and thirst should not be left untreated. Of course, you should not overdo it when you are irrigating. Less watering can be done in winter months when watering is more frequent in summer heat.

If the baskets are desired to be replicated, seeds can be planted and replicated with steel and dip. These flowers often do not give seeds. The daisies reproduced from the seed may not be similar. If it is desired to replicate with seeds, bees should be planted in the spring. When the seed is germinated, put it in a sunny place. It is very difficult to replicate the seed with the flower.
Another replication method is to replicate with steel. At the end of April, at the beginning of October this flower is rooted. When the weather is warm, it is taken from the budless side branches and planted.

It is left in a bright place, rooted in a month.
The basilica can grow on its own. Extending branches can be rooted when they come into contact with the soil. Care must be taken that the tips of the branches do not fall under the ground.

If you want to have a beautiful view on balconies and gardens, Bodrum papaty is a good alternative. Easy to maintain, a good choice for a pleasant smell and visibility.
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