how is constipation in babies?

Constipation, a condition not seen much in newborn babies fed with breast milk, can be improved by taking care of the mother's cravings, turning to fibrous foods and drinking plenty of water in infants who do not have any food other than breast milk. Because already breast milk has a perfect balance of helping babies digest.

Some new constipation can be seen in infants due to the form of manmade or rice in recent times because these foods are less rich in fiber and can cause more difficult stools by forcing the baby's digestive system.

Recommended solution for constipation in infants
1. Have a little exercise

If your baby is retiring, encourage her to walk, and if she is walking, try to move her bikes around her legs to help make her more comfortable.

You can also make this process easier by massaging your baby's stomach, even if you can reduce your pain. Massage by pressing lightly on the abdomen starting from the umbilicus. Keeping it for three minutes will probably yield results.

2. If you are suspicious, change it

If you are feeding your baby with food and you have decided that the baby is constipated, you can change your baby by talking to your doctor.

If your baby is older than one month; you can add prune juice to the mother's or mother's milk. If you have not begun to give these things to your baby normally, you can only give it to prevent constipation. You can also try apple or pear juice if you do not want the dried water. However, you should decide first by consulting your doctor.

3. In the meal period, cut some solid foods and drink plenty of water

If your baby is in a period where she can eat food; such as rice, bananas or cooked carrots, which can cause you to lose weight, even after a short period of time, and then you can eat it in small quantities. In this process you can give a few soup spoons such as apricots, pears or prunes, which will facilitate baby digestion.

Whether you are breastfeeding or breastfeeding, the amount of water your baby receives during the day is important. It can be facilitated if you normally give him 1 or 2 glasses of water during the time that the constellation sign shows.

4. Use Wick

An option that you want to manage instantly is on-call; a solution that generally works in 30 minutes. However, you should ask your doctor before you use to find out how much you need to use.

5. Have a warm bath

There is not a baby in the baby-sleeping-how-a-canyon that can not be relieved. After relaxing in this way, it can be quite good to have a belly massage during the setup.

If you've seen some redness or blood after you've been pooping your baby's skin, you can help alleviate it with some aloe vera lotion or natural cottonseed oil. It is also advisable to keep the area as dry and clean as possible during the recovery period.
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