how is the chia seed diet done?

Chia seed is a super nutrient that is popular in recent years, and is so obviously used by many famous people. Dieting with Chia seeds will be your biggest help in weight loss. The seeds of this full grain of minerals can hold you for hours.

An important issue to be aware of is that you can put your seeds in water first and then consume them, otherwise you may be in danger of suffocation. Whether you add it to your meals, smooth it or consume it with yogurt, it's easy to lose weight with your Mexican assistant.

How is Chia Seed Diet applied?
1) Add to knead

Yogurt has a thousand varieties, adding fruit, adding musli, and even being eaten with cornflakes. If they are the newest and healthiest, add chia and try. The yoghurt is delightful accompanied by fresh fruit and chia.

2) Add to your detoxified water

For a little extra nutrition you can add a few spoonful chia seeds to your favorite detoxified water and drink for free. If you are looking for a sweet but healthy flavor you can prepare a mixture of 1 glass of water 1 tablespoon chia seed 2 tablespoons lemon juice and some honey. You can drink and wait for 1 night for the seeds to drain well.

3) Prepare chiali peanut butter

Whether you buy it from the grocery store or prepare it at home, do not forget to add a few spoon chia seeds into your peanut buttermilk. You can consume this mixture with plenty of bread or crackers for both sweet and healthy and satisfying choices.

4) Make your meat healthier

Coat the meat or chickens with chili seeds mixed with almond flour before cooking or cover them with unnecessary carbohydrates and taste a healthier dish with the same flavor. Of course, you should cook and consume fried.
5) Add fruit on top of your salad

Prepare fresh fruit on your salad and add it from the chia seeds that will give you energy all day and keep it full. It is an ideal choice for morning breakfast with healthy seeds and chia seeds, which are healthy fats and abundant fiber source

6) Make pudding with chial

Everyone sees Chia seeds as a food to be added to something, but it can also be a meal on its own. Making chiali puddings, a recipe that will take your healthy and sweet needs, is both easy and long lasting. For 2 people description; 6 tablespoons chia seeds, 2 glasses of almond milk, normal milk, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and 1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup mixed well and left in the fridge for a few hours, then split into two chambers and add fresh fruit and serve them.

7) Prepare Smoothie

Drinks called Smoothie are the ones that are prepared with water or milk, usually healthy ones with fresh fruits or vegetables in it and those with unhealthy ones. During the Chia diet, of course we are healthy and fit smoothly. Add some chia seeds to your smooth and healthy smoothies. So you will be storing both long and tough vitamins.

8) Add chia to your salat instead of crouton

The crunches, crunchy breads, can add a nice flavor, but at the same time they are often unnecessary calories and unhealthy fat resources, so they are often not suitable for your diet plan. Chia seeds grew in the presence of healthy fats and abundant fibrous contents without adding unnecessary fat and calories without having to get rid of your salad.

9) Add the chias to your macaroni

Normal pasta is one of the carbohydrates that everyone eats lovingly and gets hungry in a short time. So you get a lot of space and more weight. If you add some chia seeds together with your favorite vegetables while preparing the pasta, you will feel both intimate and you will be able to eat your favorite food with pleasure and without fear of weight.

10) Sprinkle on your soup

Healthy stews are found in every diet, so adding chia seeds to the soup will be a stylish look as well as helping you to bake bread or eat bread with you. It is possible to spend a meal with a bowl of soup and a little chia sprinkled on it.
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