how good is coughing? what can be done to cough?

What cuts the cough? What will be the cough? What can be done at home for cough? What to do for babies, children and adults to cough?

Cough; In winter, especially in children, it is a discomfort.

As a precaution against coughing, the first thing to do is to ventilate and humidify the room where the patient is. Patients must drink plenty of fluids, especially herbal teas.

It's useful to know why the cough is happening. If it is a discomfort caused by colds, here are some practical herbal solutions that you can do at home ...

Natural, Herbal Remedies That Can Be Made At Home For Cough:

* Peel a shell of a hand, put a few pebbles, a little linden, a couple of cloves, maybe a cinnamon crust, a slice of lemon. You can boil all of these, if you like you can sweeten with honey and have hot hot. You can also use it for children by giving it warm warmth.

* A sweet spoonful of honey is good for making putty (gourmet) by mixing ginger powder, your throat and coughing. Do not apply to children.

oxuruk * Add two black spoon mulberry pekmez and black pepper in the appropriate amount and mix and give one spoon a day. Cough will last for a day or two. Adults and children can be used.

* 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 sweet spoon is mixed with honey. Then milk. This formula is also effective for adults.

* With shells, apple, cinnamon, ginger, lime, quince and crushed lemon juice and drink water. He will soften the chest and pass the cough.

* While your child is lying on the bed, put it on the back of the room at room temperature and cover it with a newspaper or paper towel and let it sleep. He will stop coughing 2-3 times a day.

* Linden and quince leaf are boiled together and drink, cough passes.

* Boil some butter with water and put honey in it. When the hot mixture is given to the baby, it passes the cough.

* Boil the starch with water and add lemon juice orange juice into it. Add some molasses to sweeten it. Give this mixture warm warm. Your child's coughing will stop immediately.

* Heat a little olive oil and cook it in black pepper. Then rub it on the back and chest of the child or adult who is dying for a while. Cover with warm cloth and lighten it on.
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