how does spleen pain go?

Why is a spleen pain?
Sickle sickness problems are a health problem that most often disturbs adult people. The complaint of pain of the spleen is a kind of painfulness which can be detected easily by the signs that it manifests itself in the process that it emerges, that it is a painful pain with a distance.

Our organ, which is located in the lower left part of our body, is an organ known to have very important functions in human metabolism. It is a big contributor to the increase of blood stasis in the body. For this reason, it is possible to automatically talk about the problems in the spleen in cases of blood deficiency in the body. Our color, which is more pinkish than the other organs, is as big as the size of our own fist in each person's body.

The main function of the immune system is to support the immune system so that the body can be more cautious against diseases that may occur. Especially in any problem that occurs in spleen, it is accompanied by defects that will be experienced in different spots in the body. Because, under normal conditions, it is not easy to notice pain or easy problem. It can be said that this is a serious problem coming to the point.

In addition, the spleen provides water in our body can be balanced. If the spleen does not fulfill this function, very troublesome situations may arise. In short, this organ which is so important in our body needs to be looked after carefully and kept healthy. The slightest pain that will occur in the spleen is to push the person directly to the doctor's control.

Where does the spleen pain feel in the body?
This pain is often felt in the lower left part of the abdomen. In general, the pain increases more when you breathe, the pain in the stomach is even more painful after you have eaten, because the stomach is swollen and pressure on the abdomen. It can be a little difficult to understand that the spleen is exactly the spleen itself because the organs around the spleen are also a problem of pain, so it can be confused.

What are the causes of spleen pain?
Spleen infarct: The condition called spleen infarct is caused by tissue death in a part of the spleen. This dead tissue can cause pain and at the same time, if a problem arises in the artery of the spleen, it is an effective factor for the formation of the same aching as it causes tissue loss.
Infection conditions: Parasites entering the body and infections caused by bacteria can cause spleen pain. Bacteria transmitted during sex and sexual intercourse can be counted as infections.

Splenic rupture: As a result of traffic accidents, severe splenic rupture in the abdominal region may result in a spleen rupture. When there is such a violent condition in the abdominal area, internal bleeding is experienced directly and very severe pain is felt.
How is the treatment of spleen pain?
Splenectomy: Expansion of this treatment; spleen infarction or tear results. When splenectomy is performed, all the spleen organ is removed by the operation of the body. Partial splenectomy seems to have been performed when only a part of the spleen is taken. Splenectomy can also be studied under two headings as "laparotomy" and "laparoscopy".

Laparoscopy is performed by cutting a few incisions in the abdominal region, placing laparoscopes and medical instruments in these areas. The procedures performed here are monitored from a monitor attached to the laparoscope (this operation is not performed on swollen vertebrae)

In the laparotomy operation, one large bi-cut is opened in the abdominal region. This cut opens just below the ribs, making it easier to remove the spleen. First of all, the pancreas connection and blood conditions are controlled, then the spleen is separated from the body.

Infection in the body is becoming very common in these two operations. This is why people with spleen operations are required to have a vaccination. The doctor also suggests the use of anti-infective and vitamin-based medicines to help the body recover faster.

How good is it to complain about spleen pain?
It is very beneficial to use natural products in spleen operations and diseases as well as to get help from natural products after the medical treatment of each disease. In case of diseases related to the spleen and in case of surgery, honey, halilegusa, cinnamon (black color) herbaceous herb and gold is an important source of healing after surgery.

In order to benefit from these grasses, the cinnamon grass and the calamus must be boiled together in a jar. After boiling, honey is put into the liquid that is sweetened and sweetened, and it is enough to consume one cup after eating.

The golden grass is mixed with vinegar in a cabinet, left for a while, then filtered. The resulting product should be consumed with roasted halal during the treatment process.

The black halilin is cut into leaves and brewed like tea. Once the dredged material has been filtered, honey is put into it and flavored. The syrup should be consumed in a cup after each meal until the end of the treatment.
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