how does geniz flow pass? home remedies for genital dyspnea

The nasal discharge is the discharge from the nose and sinuses towards the bosom. It is a feeling of mucus accumulation in the throat.

Particularly during seasonal changes, cold dry and dirty weather, the nasal discharge is felt more often when the immune system weakens.

What should he do in such a situation? It is now possible to get rid of the nasal flow easily with the treatments we propose to you.

First of all, medical treatment is a must. So with the ENT doctor's treatment, you can easily get rid of the nasal discharge by applying the home remedies that we recommend.

Home Remedies to be Performed in Geniz Flow:

* Take salt water to the burial site. For this, it is sufficient to mix a sweet spoonful of salt and carbonate into a liter of boiled cold water. You can draw this water in your nose.

* Make a steam bath. Particularly menthol, eucalyptus-containing products such as bucusptil, vicks, put into boiling water after 10-15 minutes into the mouth and into the nose by breathing vapor, accelerate the mucus movement as well as the upper respiratory tract can be cleaned. Chamomile vapor can also make it easier to clear the respiratory tract. Herbal steam baths can be objectionable in patients with severe asthma attacks.

* Take plenty of liquid. By drinking water or consuming juicy fruits and vegetables, it is possible to produce mucus thinner and more juicy.

* Start the cold steam machine in the room.

Avoid allergens and cigarette smoke such as animal feathers, pollen, dust, etc.

* Stay away from spicy foods.
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