google is launching a program for early entrepreneurs who want to improve google now

Google has launched a program to add additional features to Google Assistant, a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence. Google has announced that it has developed an early-stage investment program to increase the variety of platform features it integrates into more products every day.

The program developer named 'Google Asistant Developer Community Program' will provide opportunities to earn investment capital for rapid growth. Early entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will also have the opportunity to get consulting from their Googlers. Participants also benefit from early access to new features of Google Assistant and Google, as well as Google products, including the Google Cloud.

In the meantime, let's say the program is not being launched for the first time. The company developed it about 1.5 years ago with the intention of providing the opportunity to integrate into the assistant's sub-structure and to develop the Google Assistant. But in the meantime, Google should not have been as interested in the talents of its developers, so the program has added these opportunities to make the program more attractive.

Anyone who wants to develop any Google Assistant feature can benefit from the program. Finally, let's share the program with not only application developers, but also hardware developers who want to integrate Google Assistant in any way.
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