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The fjord is said to be the deep and narrow gulfs that extend far into the land. Both sides of these deep and narrow gulfs are steep and high. The most important reason for the formation of fjords; the emergence of U-shaped valleys of the glaciers, the withdrawal of glaciers and the gradual collapse of the coasts and the flooding of these areas with sea water. The fjords that function as natural shelters for ships are also important for the development of fishery. Especially Norway, Scotland and North American coast fjords are very common. The fjord means the gulf in Norwegian. The Sognefjord with a depth of 1234 meters is located in Norway. Norway has the most beautiful views of the fjords. Thanks to the fjord, it is important that the fishery of sea trade in Norway is so important.

Coast to coast Norway
A country with a population of 5 million is one of the countries with the highest living standards. Norwegian means fjord. I can not go back to Norway without seeing the fjords. The Norwegian coast was shaped by fjords from the southern Stavenger to the Russian border. Having the world's longest coastline with 25 thousand kilometers, Norway's particularly eastern coast is covered with magnificent fjords. With ship tours, many limos can be visited on this shoreline. The ships go to the fjords especially Stavanger, Geiranger, Flam and Bergen.


Stavenger is the center of Rogaland, south-west of Norway. Stavanger, an important port city, lies on the eastern shore of the peninsula between Ganda Fjord and the Norwegian Sea. Stavanger, Norway's fourth largest city, was founded in the 8th century and became a commercial town developed in the 15th century. Oil from the North Sea is being processed at oil refining facilities in Stavanger, the Norwegian oil hub. The city, which is an important center in gas industry beside Petrol, is home to Lysefjord, one of the most beautiful fjords of the country. Lysefjord means light-colored fjord. Particularly the beginning part of the fjord is in the open granite color near the whitewash. Be sure to see this ferry, 42 kilometers long, and the lighthouse on the rock in the middle of the fjords.

Norway's second longest fjord is here. Geiranger, a village of 250 people connected to the More og Romsdal State in the north-west of Norway, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dalsnibba National Park is a place you should definitely go to Geiranger. The scenery that nature gives you when you go to this park and when you return will enchant you. If the weather is not foggy, take plenty of photos of the fjords 1500 meters above sea level. Do not worry if there is fog in the air, the air changes very often in this region.

Flam, located in the Sognefjord region, means flat land, plain as the word means. Sognefjord is one of the deepest fjords of the country. It reaches 200 kilometers inland from the North Sea. There is 350 people in Flam, a small fishing village. You can choose the nostalgic Flam train to observe the fjord view from the land. In the twenty minute journey between Flam and Gudvangen, you can see the waterfalls and rivers between the deep valleys. Watching Flam at an altitude of 800 meters will provide a completely different pleasure.

Bergen is located in the Hordaland province on the southwestern coast of Norway. Bergen is the second largest city in the country. The city, which was founded in 1070, has made the capital of the country until 1229. One of the hottest cities in Norway due to the Gulf Stream, Bergen is a city with extreme heavy rainfall. The harbor district is the oldest part of the city. Today there are about 62 buildings in this area. Two storey and three storey wooden houses are the most worthy of the region. Gamlehaugen, the official residence of the King in Bergen, the Decorative Arts Museum founded in 1887, Bergen Cathedral, which is also used for events such as concerts outside worship, is another must-see.

You can find a variety of fish and seafood on the fish market, about 1 km away from Lima. If you are particularly passionate about caviar, be sure to visit this fish market in the city center.

The Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall, which you can reach in 1 hour and 15 minutes from the harbor, is famous for its beauty as well as its nostalgic café. Bergen is known as the entrance gate of the fjords. Because the ships coming to the country to see the fjords are forced to come here.

The city center and the northern districts are located in Byfjorden. Take the Floibonen cable car to the Floben Hill, the whole city is one of the activities that can be done in Bergen. It is as cute as the trawler sculptures in the city are ugly. Do not come back with them without a souvenir photo.
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