father and my son (2005)

My Father and My Son Filminin Summary and Details:
My Dad and My Son are 2005 Cagan Irmak films. Sadık, who had left to read journalism from the farm in Aegean, turned back to his farm again with his son years later, and Cagan Irmak again wrote the filmin script, which he quoted in the backdrop of September 12th. The film surpassed the 3.5 million viewers border in Turkey.

Sadik is one of the rebellious young politically active university students and became a left-wing journalist in the '70s when his father was his agricultural engineer and hoped to control the family farm in the Aegean village.

Upon the dawn of September 12, 1980, when a brutal military coup enters the country, they can not reach any hospital or doctor, and their wife dies while the only child of the Sea is born.

After a lengthy torture, trial and imprisonment, Sadik turns to his father, along with Deniz at 7-8, knowing that Hussein is going to be hard to rectify.

This film is about a father; after he has lost the wife, his young son takes it back to his country (where he is away from his father) because he suffers from lung trouble.

When his child died, he wanted a house to be found and decided to confront his father and talk about his condition and reconcile without saying goodbye.

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