fairy tales from the alps

The Alps have an extremely wide geography. Starts from the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, America extends from there to Australia, then Japan and New Zealand. Glaciers, lakes, valleys, mountain peaks covered with snow ... This is a region that hosts thousands of different animals! The pictures you have in it are so dazzling that you can find photographs of them on postcards sold in almost every station. Now, take a look at these cities.

Reine, Norway
Reine is a small fishing village in Norway. The population is only 400. The most important means of livelihood is tourism, as well as fishing ... Apart from that, it also has a title of 1970's ... The most beautiful village in Norway! The tranquil structure of the village has a very suitable structure for those who want to relax and also to see new places. You can lie in front of the scenery to listen to yourself, take pictures of landscapes for hours, and enjoy the atmosphere until the end. You will love this little town very, very much.

Interlaken, Switzerland
Almost all the mountains and hills in Switzerland are transported by trains and cable cars. Then there are many winter sports and mountain tours. Within this region, Jungfrau is the largest region of Europe. The region is also located in Central Switzerland. It is almost impossible for you to come here and catch a glimpse of the scenery ... You should come and see it. You will be amazed when you see the biggest glaciers in Europe and Asia.

Hallstatt, Austria
When you come to the city, we definitely recommend you to visit Hallstatt. When you walk through the square, the downstairs will meet you in different houses with a tiny and quite pleasant structure. The image you will encounter will attract a lot of your interest. Cinsten will be the reason why you are happy because you come here different buildings and wonderful landscapes in the village.

After visiting the square, you should definitely see the Beinhaus, also known as the Bone House. There are 1200 skulls and human bones in the house. In addition, these skulls are adorned with motifs and painted in different colors. After visiting here, you should visit Salt Mine, Skywalk and many more.

Chamonix, France
Chamonix; It is almost adjacent to the borders of France, Italy and Switzerland. The large areas of the region are very suitable for tourists who want to take a holiday in winter. It is noticed that it is not noticed immediately that tourism has been made clear. This area, which has also hosted the Winter Olympics, will be pleasing to you as well.

Insbruck, Austria
This is Austria's fifth largest city. A considerable number of students live in the city. For this reason, the student is also referred to as the city. Besides being a student city, it is also known as an important ski resort. There are different and important architectural structures in the city. Cathedrals, churches and many other building enthusiasts are waiting to visit.

Lake Como, Italy
The most important feature of this lake, which is only 50 km from the city of Milan, is a glacier lake. It also holds the title of being the deepest lake in Europe. It is said that the deepest point of the river is 425 meters. When you look carefully, you will notice immediately that you remember the letter Y of the lake. The greenery surrounding the lake and other wonderful structures allow for an extremely spectacular view.

Murren, Switzerland
Those who want to come here can provide transportation by train. The area, which has a very unique view, is also an important center for skiing. It is also easily accessible from here to many different points of Switzerland.

Bellinzona, Switzerland
Italian language is spoken in this region of Switzerland. It is almost dominated by Italian culture. The effect of the lilac has penetrated all the rest of the city. The structure of the Three Kalaces in the city is on the Unesco world heritage list. The view and the city that holds the eye are on the qualities of sightseeing worthy.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
The city is located in Bern's Canton of Switzerland. The natural structure within the city carries a beauty that has come till daily. The sight of the green areas and breathtaking scenery is fascinating. Every side of the village is surrounded by mountains all around. Inside the village there are mines that are no longer working and people who want to visit can come to see this place too.
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