factors causing geniz flow

The secretions produced by the nose and sinus mucosa are to moisturize the air in the nose and to prevent infections that can occur in the nose. This secretion is natural, flows to the back of the genitals and is not noticed by the person.

This natural flow starts to be noticed, and if this happens to an uncomfortable degree, this is the nasal flow.
The throat is the most important sign of nausea, stabbing, constant swallowing, need for throat cleansing, mouth odor, cough and sputum nasal discharge.

People do not think that this discomfort is caused by this discomfort, which reduces the comfort of life. What will make this illness occur? What are these factors? In this article, we want to mention them.

Reasons for Increasing Genital Tendency:

* A lot of particles like dust and smoke in the air we breathe.

* Dairy products. Milk and dairy products can increase nasal flow in sensitive areas.

* Spend a long time in dry airy environments. Especially in places like the plaza and the residence, the weather is dry.

* Smoking. Cigarette increases both nasal flow and disrupts the function of the flyers carrying the current.

Drinks containing alcohol and caffeine.

* Influenza, influenza and sinusitis increase nasal discharge.

* The use of pregnancy and birth control pills also increases nasal discharge.
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