"existential depression" in gifted individuals

Individuals can experience existential depression by experiencing traumatic problems such as loss of a loved one, losing their job, getting rid of injuries, and experiencing this problem with questions such as life, freedom, death, faith, meaning and end of life.

For example, questions such as "What is the meaning of my life and what is the purpose of it?", "Does my life consist of daily routines and dying?", "What is it at this stage?", "Is there a creator or will I be held responsible for what I do? he asks himself. This can lead to depression in the person's sense of meaning-meaninglessness, hopelessness and emptiness in the infinite in the universe.
Dr. James T. Webb has found that gifted individuals who are the result of clinical experience are more inclined to existential depression. Although many people have existential questions and problems in serious traumatic spots such as severe difficulties, death, loss of loved ones, individuals with higher mental abilities are more susceptible to this problem spontaneously and earlier in life. The reason why more and more talented individuals are seen can be listed as intensity, sensitivity, awareness, and idealism. Such individuals question the rules and traditions at a young age. They recognize that the disruptions and inconsistencies in human relationships are far below the ideals of the world. There are some questions in your head. Questions such as "Why do not people care and insincerity?", "Why is there a difference between men and women?", "Why do people keep their promises?", "How does the world make a difference?" Are often confused with astonishment. When these children grow up they often feel themselves isolated and alone in society.

These individuals live in a very small space in the eternal phase, and when they realize that life is end and short, the real purpose of life, productivity, concerns about the choices chosen from many choices, can be aged 12 or 15 years.

Existential depression is being attempted by clinicians to be treated with drug therapy from the treatment of psychotherapy through the discovery of the meaning and dynamics of life. Existential depression should be considered as it can bring suicide with it. The closeness, understanding and support of their families can help these individuals survive this process without getting injured. Hugging, showing interest and love is crucial in the way that it will not escape to the extreme.
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