elon musk, tesla model y revealed production date

Elon Musk, one of the world's leading entrepreneurs, announced the production date of Tesla Model Y, where it is unclear where it will be produced, on Wednesday's announcement. It looks like we'll wait a little longer

Tesla's founder, Elon Musk, told a recent interview with financial analysts on Wednesday that Tesla Model Y will start production within 24 months, but it's not clear yet where it will be produced. After this announcement of Tesla CEO, Tesla Model Y was clear that by 2020 it would be the earliest.

Where Tesla Model Y is produced is not certain
Elon Musk dismissed the report on Reuters that Tesla Model Y would go into production in November 2019. While Musk has not yet decided where the new electric crossover vehicle will be produced, Tesla also noted that Tesla Model Y will not be produced at existing plants in Freemont, California. The production site is expected to clear up at the earliest in 2019.

"We do not know where to put the Tesla Model Y," Musk said. He spoke in the form of. Entrepreneur who says that they are taking lessons from problems in Tesla Model 3: "I think Tesla Model Y will be a revolution in terms of production." , while the giant company is working on a new technology that reduces overall cabling.
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