eiffel is not the only place in paris: eiffel!

The Eiffel Tower, which has become a symbol of Paris and has been fascinated by architecture, is an important structure that allows you to enjoy a different pleasure only when you are watching and a totally different feeling when you leave. The Eiffel Tower is seen from every part of Paris. The only place you can not fully see the Eiffel Tower is the Eiffel Tower. Let's get to know this magnificent tower and this enormous city a bit closer.

In Paris, one of the most important tourist cities in Europe with a population of 12 million, there are very famous buildings. The most famous of these is the Eiffel Tower, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not only the Eiffel Tower but also many other buildings are located within the UNESCO World Heritage List within the city of Paris, which is built on an area of 105.4 square kilometers.

History of the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower, which began to be built in 1887, was completed in 1889 and opened for use. The main purpose of the Eiffel Tower is to mark the 100th anniversary of the French revolution as the gateway to the Paris fair. Later, this huge structure emerged from being a door, having the characteristic of being the symbol of Paris and one of the most beautiful structures in the world. One of the most striking facts about the tower is that it was not liked by anyone in the first time it was built. The Eiffel Tower, which was initially seen as a heap of iron and was said to have caused a bad appearance, was demanded to be demolished at that time. However, after a while the Eiffel Tower, which has survived this destruction, becomes even more beautiful over the years as a result of the works carried out and is symbolized by the state of our present day.

Inside the Eiffel Tower
It is possible to visit the charming symbol of Paris within Eiffel. The floors of the tower are still standing and can be reached on every floor. It is possible to reach to the tower by stairs while the ones who want to reach it by elevator. We can tell you that you will witness the unique Paris scenery on every floor of the building. You may need to wait a few lines in order to get to the top floor. This sequence can sometimes cause you to wait for hours, but when you go to the top of your hand, you will notice that it is worth the trouble.

Visit Times of the Eiffel Tower
You can visit this tower every day, which is one of the most important icons of France and Paris. This tower, which is closed outside of visiting hours, welcomes visitors in a great majority of days and can be visited between 9.30-23.30. On some special occasions and during the summer months, it seems that this room is open until midnight.

Entrance Fees and Transportation to the Eiffel Tower
We can reach the Eiffel Tower by metro, and we can easily reach by bus. You will also receive a ticket at the Eiffel Tower, which will vary depending on the floor. We can say that as the number of floors increases, the fee also increases.
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