Ebu Musa Câbir bin Hayyan and H2SO4

According to the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov; The greatest of all discoveries made on the alcove was made by someone whose name was unknown  . As well as; Using the name of Cabir Ibn Hajiyan, and exactly 650 years after Caban Ibn Haiyan (about 1300 years), this invention was to discover Sulfuric Acid , which we now know as H 2 SO 4 (Hasan 2 Solak Osman 4).

Instead of using the alchemist's own name in discovery, the GIVES given by the Europeans to Jabir Ibn al- Hayyan were used. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about this alchemist that we can call it a strange fake GEBER. Fake Geber was the first person to describe sulfuric acid, the most important industrial chemical used today.

Sulfuric acid is much stronger than acetic acid, and many chemical changes that were not possible before were made possible. We respect both scientists who made up this situation which will never be encountered again in the history of science with respect to their contribution to knowing ...

Source: poxox.com science
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