do you become pregnant while pregnant?

The answer to this question, which is often asked; no, there is no piece when pregnant. Very rarely, some women have regular bleedings and interpret them as menstrual. Htr

It is only when you are pregnant that you do not have to see or become pregnant.

Each month, the ovaries create a thick and blood-rich tissue for the fertilized egg to settle.

If you do not become pregnant, that is, if one of your eggs is not fertilized, this unused tissue is thrown out, which forms the menstrual cycle.

When pregnant, that is, when an egg is placed in the tissue, the hormone assigns this thick, blood-rich tissue to support the baby, so there is no bleeding. You will not have until the birth of your baby.

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish bleeding from menstrual bleeding in pregnancy. Because of this situation women who are pregnant while pregnant social media and the internet is antagonistic.

Bleeding during pregnancy is very common and normal. Most women describe these hemorrhoids as menstrual and are living in confusion. Some of these hemorrhages are not serious and some are much lighter and lighter than normal, and they are shorter.

Some women interpret the small stains that form when the mothers are pregnant months to lay eggs, but it is still unclear why this most common stain is caused.
Causes of non-hazardous bleeding
-The polyps formed in the rumen

Polygons formed in vagina

Cysts in the uterus

-Pap smear test

-Pelvic examination

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

- Your baby has a bleeding epidemic

-Hormonal bleeding

Bleeding in pregnancy can be very dangerous at the same time. These bleeding episodes, which may be signs of infection, can be caused by placenta-related problems, low risk and even ectopic pregnancy, which is a danger to life for the mother.

Causes of dangerous bleeding
- Low bleeding

-External pregnancy (Intrauterine pregnancy)

-Mole pregnancy (non-baby, placenta pregnancy)

-Free pregnancy (baby gestation without baby)

- Your baby dies in your mother's womb

- Rat or vaginal rupture

-Rescue inflammation (Servisit)

-Early birth

-Plasenta previa (baby's wife closes her mouth)

-Plasenta acreata (sticking baby's wife to the womb wall)

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