Curie Temperature and Tesla's Thermo Magnetic Motor

The work you do makes it possible to learn Curie temperatures. These studies also attracted Nikola Tesla's attention and led Tesla to invent the Thermo Magnetic Motor , which he patented in 1889 .

What is this Curie Temperature?

Physicists call ferromagnetic materials (such as iron, nickel, and cobalt) that are attracted by the magnet, and paramagnetic matter that do not attract them.

For example, if we increase the ferromagnetic temperature of pure iron above 770 ° C, it will no longer be attracted by the magnet. It loses its ferromagnetic property. If we lower the temperature below 770 ° C, we get back to the ferromagnetism and we can observe that the magnet attracts itself. This temperature is called the critical temperature and all ferromagnetic materials have their own specific critical temperature.

Source: science
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