crushing in the dream

Crushing in the dream means coming to frustration and sadness. It means that the great responsibilities taken in work or family life are now overdue, feeling tired. He declares that his patience will overflow because of the unbelieving and hypocrisy of the dreamer who fulfills every task given to him in the most proper way until now. In spiritual terms, it is also a way of feeling exhausted and weakened, as well as the fact that people in the family have been freed from all kinds of comforts and that much effort has been made to make others happy. Under the train and crushing shows that the person has to deal with the work that exceeds his power and he will have a bottleneck to undertake the responsibilities of many people other than his family. Molding and crushing under the car means that there will be problems in the works that are going smoothly until now and that they will fail to fight these problems alone. It is the meaning of being under a big machine, being overworked by crushing supervisors and using good intentions. Being under a rubble or crushing under a building in a shedding means neglecting your health because of dealing with family problems and trying to solve others' problems.

Getting rid of a crush on a dream
In any case, getting rid of the last crush means to stand back at the wrong step to be taken with a taken one, thus saving the current situation without seeing a loss. It is an indication that someone who realizes that the dreamer is overwhelmed will stretch his helping hand and lighten his burdens.

Crushing your feet
It is the expression of a material stagnation that will happen temporarily in business. For health reasons, it will not take too long to solve the problems that will keep the person from doing his work, and soon he will return to the old plane again.

Psychological Interpretation of the Fallout
It is said that the person finds himself inadequate in some issues and that this feeling causes problems about self-confidence and that he is putting up a hesitant and hesitant attitude in social areas because he lost his courage.
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