cream that heals sunburns

The intense working life or monotony almost immediately creates a sea of pool, a pool of curiosity. We want to escape the area for the first opportunity. Good after the holiday is also very important. Do not end up with sunburns that you wish, holidays, pain and suffering.

To make a holiday without disturbing your health and enjoyment, try to put in your body a protective cream and grease, record the water, and sunbathe in the shade. Do not go to the sun between 10.00-16.00 unless you have to. Efil efil clothes, glasses and wide-walled hatcases also protect you from harmful rays of the sun.

We do not want to, but you have made your holiday, the measures you took were not enough and there were burns that bothered you. What will you do then? How are you going to get those painful burns?

In such cases, would you like to get the views of plant experts?

Here's you Dr. Very effective against Ender Sarac's Sunburns Cream Recipe:

gunes1 * 1 piece of bepanthene cream,

* 1 piece pure olive oil,

* 1-1,5 sweet spoon pure aloe vera.

Mix all the ingredients and make a cream. When you feel pain, take a warm shower without using soap and crawl on the burning parts. This cream gets redness and pain relief. Also sunscreen prevents smudges if you burned without using cream.

We wish you the holiday will give you pain, they will go out for the holiday, absolutely prepare it without leaving and put it in your bags.

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