countries and cities to go in the winter

Do not think that skiing is only a holiday in the winter. If you want to spend winter vacation abroad there are many alternatives. We have compiled these countries and cities for you to make summer or winter vacations.

Las Vegas

The best time to visit Las Vegas, defined as a witty dreams and sinful city, is winter months. It is quite enjoyable to live in summer season in February with the desert climate. Las Vegas is especially famous for its nightlife. Millions of foreigners flock to Las Vegas every year for both fun and sightseeing. This city, once a desert, is eye-catching with colorful lights that embellish the city's architecture. The nights can be as far as the sabah in the streets of this city, which is as bright as the daytime.

Porto Rico

Puerto Rico, a small island of 50,000 people with a length of 178 km and a width of 57 km, is the most ambitious city in the Caribbean region in the winter months. In addition to history and nature lovers, there are many world-famous restaurants in the city that appeal to gourmets as well. Puerto Rico refers to the rich harbor on the local subdivision and it is taken from the gold mine in this name area. At the end of the 1500's the country used as military base in the region of Spain, today's modern architecture combines with the buildings that remind us of this colonial period. There are many famous historical buildings in the city, it is recommended to walk around the city to see them. Today, Puerto Rico, which has become a frequent destination for surfing enthusiasts and divers, organizes many agency diving tours.

Depending on the country you choose, you can enjoy both summer and winter holidays; If you wish you can ski, you can return tanning in a tanned way. Which countries and cities should those who want to go for a winter holiday prefer?

New York
The air of New York is always likened to Istanbul by strangers. The summers are warm and dry while the winters are cold. When winter arrives in New York, the city becomes a different kind of frigid. Although New York is considered the capital of the world's shopping, do not spend your time in shopping malls in the winter months. Every year in New York, winter events are organized and the ice skating area is attracted by tourists. It's said that your wife is so good at New York. The snowy image of the Statue of Liberty is extraordinary. In the winter camps established in the city, sports alternatives such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding are offered. A New York holiday that you will enjoy all night around the camp fire set on the snow will be a good winter this winter.

 Marrakech, Morocco
A mysterious country for Europeans, Morocco is a Mediterranean country with many surprises for first time visitors. Marrakech is the capital of Morocco, famous for its markets with orange trees on all sides and pastel colors. It is also called the Red City because it has coffee-red color everywhere from the roads to the apartments and to the ground. Marrakesh is also called the Southern Pearl at the same time, with the eastern and the western, the old and the new. The city of Marrakech welcomes visitors from all over the country in the winter months, which do not go below 20 degrees. The Kutubiye Mosque, which is a symbol of the city and admired by its 66-meter minaret, has been witnessing this colorful Mediterranean city for 750 years and is crowded with millions of Muslims every year.

In this city which is a volcanic island, different climates are seen together. Hawaii, an island where lava, sea and nature coexist, is defined as a peaceful island by some people. In Hawaii you can travel during the winter months to enjoy a summer vacation, as well as the magnificent nature and nature parks. The sea is clean and clear. Since the water temperature is at the same temperature in summer and winter, each seaweed can be swim and the coasts are allowed to surf. You can swim with dolphins in the sea, you can see corals and sea turtles. If you are interested in astronomy, the largest telescopes in the world are located on this island. With a climate not exceeding 30 in the summer and less than 20 in the winter, Hawai attracts those who want to get away from the cold of winter.

Naton, Thailand
Turks generally prefer Phuket or Pattata when they want to visit Thailand, but Naton is not known. Because no danger of tsunami in the Gulf, while there is also a candidate to Turkey, which is far sunglasses in winter, simply come up with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The city, which has a population of 40 thousand people living in a single season, welcomes more than one million tourists every year. From brochures to restaurants, to restaurants and sport centers, brochures are published everywhere in the city. Offering a very colorful atmosphere for party lovers, Chaweng's famous beach is one of the longest beaches in the world. This five-kilometer beach also has stylish restaurants and bars.

Santiago, Chile
Chile, the homeland of Pablo Neruda, is rapidly developing and modernizing in recent years. It is a South American country that still carries traces of its past on Chile and suffered from strains. In the city, which receives the name of a Christian saint, tourists visit most of the Presidential Palace, the City Library and the Santa Lucia Park. If you want to see the South American civilizations before Europeans discover, be sure to see the Chilean Museum of Modern Art. Those who want to see the modern and wealthy side of the city can find elegant boulevards, shopping centers, luxury hotels and nightclubs in Providencia and Las Condes. A monument built in the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and praiseworthy to him also takes place in this modern district of the city.
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