cold symptoms

The disease called cold is a disease that starts to manifest itself in the body by the nasal discharge and the feeling of itching in the throat especially when the body can be cold and immune. It is caused by viruses that are known to be present in the body. In general, it is observed that the disease is resolved within 2 weeks at the latest, which causes compulsive processes to be passed, especially to children in the age of child. Because colds can be seen 10 times in children in 1 year period, 2 or 4 times in adults.

Cold is one of the most common infant diseases. As we have just mentioned, the most children are emerging in the elderly. The main reason for this being the case is that children are constantly in contact with each other in areas such as schools and carry the virus to each other. The most important reason why this disease has become so common is that 200 separate viruses that have been identified so far have been causing cold sores in common.

The main factors that cause the disease to develop in the world are the cooling of the air in the environment and the loss of humidity in the air, together with the loss of nose drying and defense mechanisms. Because of this reason, the virus can easily settle in the body. Apart from this, factors such as smoking, nasal problems, tonsil problems, unbalanced nutrition and stress also cause the person to live a cold.

What are cold symptoms?
One person may have symptoms of mild fever, mild headache, mild sore throat, mild nasal obstruction, cough, and nasal discharge, all of which may have a cold.

Processes for treating colds
Although antibiotics or antiviral drugs are used during colds, it is not possible to mention that these drugs have a great effect on the body. It is impossible to talk about the fact that this condition will be interrupted in the process so long as the cold usually lasts about ten days and fifteen days on average under normal conditions. It is only possible to contribute to the quicker resolution of the disease with the suggestions we can count as follows;

The illness should be resting in abundant quantities.
One should take plenty of fluids in this process.
You should avoid contact with another person who has had a cold.
Household goods and food items should always be kept hygienic.
Steam bath should be done to help open the nasal obstruction.
If you have headache complaints or high fever complaints, medicines should be used.
When the disease is overcome, plenty of food to strengthen the immune system should be consumed.
When sneezing or coughing, you should definitely close your mouth with the help of a handkerchief, after which you are advised to throw your handkerchief in an instant.
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