code name and some features of samsung galaxy s10

Information about the next member of the Samsung Galaxy S series began to appear on the day. The new flagship of the South Korean company may come with a 3D camera and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen.

As long as Samsung's plans do not change dramatically, the Galaxy S10 will definitely go on the market in 2019. You might think that speculation about smartphones started a bit early; because Galaxy Note 9 has not been introduced yet. But the rumor factory continues to work.

According to a new report from Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is being developed under the code name "Beyond" (beyond). The South Korean company, which gives the Galaxy S8 the name "Dream" and the Galaxy S9 the "Star" code, continues its tradition of mounting highly ambitious names for its flagship smartphones.

3D camera and screen embedded fingerprint sensor
Raporda also writes that Samsung can add a 3D camera to the phone to improve face recognition capabilities. As a matter of fact, Apple has been rumored that since Android introduced Face ID, Android phone manufacturers wanted to offer such advanced technology.
Right now on some phones, face recognition system is simple but none are as advanced as Face ID. Some analysts believe that Android makers are at least two years behind Apple's face recognition technology.

Samsung, on the other hand, says the Galaxy S10 will feature an embedded fingerprint sensor on the screen. The company is working with companies such as Synaptics, Qualcomm and Ezestek in this technology, but it is not yet clear which suppliers will be supplying the sensors. Samsung may prefer to work with more than one company in order to survive supply problems when production speeds up.

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