city in the water: venice and gondolas

Venice, one of the most magical places in the world, is the most beautiful city in Italy. With Europe being the most romantic city, bridges, canals, gondolas and the river flowing from the streets of the city, it is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The city, which is separated by water channels, is connected to each other by bridges. In Venice, a city built on 118 islands, it is necessary to take part in gondola tours to experience the magnificent atmosphere.

Venice, one of the world's most touristic cities, is visited by millions of tourists every year. Throughout history, it has become one of the most important trade centers in Europe. The Sestieri Region, with 170 canals and 400 bridges in Venice, is undoubtedly one of Venice's most interesting destinations. 250 thousand people live in Venice. However, with the tourists coming in everyday, the city is filled and empty. Venice, where people first settled for the first time in the 6th century BC, is among the testifying cities. Prior to a trade city, he now left his place as a tourist. Venice winters are cold and windy, summer is warm.

Especially tourists prefer summer months to visit. Because in the winter months there are floods in Venice for a period of time. So if you are thinking of going to Venice; you can choose a time when there are no overflows. In our country, the city of Venice indispensable tour to Italy, Turkey departs daily from aircraft. If you wish, you can easily visit Venice. You can spend unforgettable moments in the most interesting and also the most romantic city of the world. There is no vehicle traffic in the Sestieri region of Venice, which seems to float on the water. Transportation here is provided by gondolas. Venice is a romantic and special attraction.

Venice is not only a city of romance, it is also an art and culture city. Apart from its natural beauties, there are also unique religious buildings, museums and architectural works. There is a romantic gondola tour at the beginning of what you need to do in Venice. But if you do not go to Venice, here are the places you should definitely see;


There are 170 channels in Venice. But the main line of water traffic is the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is about 3,800 meters long and 5 meters deep. When viewed from the top of the Grand Canal it is just like the 'S'. When going on a gondola tour in Venice, you must pass the Grand Canal. There are many ancient artifacts around the Grand Canal. These buildings watch the magnificent Venetian view, while the tourists who watch it are in all glory. In Venice, past traces are kept alive and old buildings are not allowed to disappear. Transportation to the Grand Canal is via gondola, sea buses, water taxis and special boats. When you walk on the Grand Canal with a gondola, you almost feel yourself in a fairy tale world.

St. Mark's Square, Venice's most famous square, is the busiest square in Venice, including the most important structures of the city. It is one of the most beautiful squares in the world and is definitely one of the places to visit in Venice. St. Mark's Square is quite broad and is described as Europe's painting room. Various festivals, concerts and organizations are held in this square. In San Marco Square, which is considered a religious and political center, it is located in shops selling cafes, restaurants and souvenirs.

St. Mark's Bell Tower, located on St. Mark's Square, is 99 meters high. It is one of the highest buildings of Venice. The entire Venetian scene can be viewed from the Bell Tower. You can watch Venice by climbing the bell tower, but you can not see the channels flowing through the houses from the Tower.

The Basilica of San Marco, one of Venice's most famous churches, has five domes. It is based on Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and is decorated with golden gilded mosaics. The church is very impressive in terms of architecture, including gold sculptures, engravings and glass works.

The Rialto Bridge, the most famous bridge in Venice, is the only place on the pedestrian footpath in Venice that provides a very long reach. In Venice you must see this bridge which you will see in your gondola.

Other places to visit and see in Venice; Duke's Palace, Burano Island, Bridge of Ahlar, Academy Gallery, Golden House, San Zaccaria and Santa Maria Della Salute Basilica. In the romantic city of Venice you will also have a wonderful cultural tour by visiting the artworks to be seen.
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