children's endless energies and scientific explanations

Researchers say that children have the durability of highly educated athletes. They want to use this knowledge to create better exercise plans for children.

Have you ever tried to keep up with children's energy in your life?

Many children may continue to play for a long time after the adults stop listening. In a study conducted, the power output and post-exercise recovery rates of 25 adults of 12 children, including Athletes, were compared. The researchers performed a series of physical tests to find out how the participants' bodies reacted to the high intensity exhaust. Children are less susceptible to muscle fatigue and have better healing after exercise than adult males. It has been shown that children use more of their aerobic metabolism and are therefore less tired during high intensity physical activity. The healings took place very quickly. It was determined that fast heartbeats recovered and the ability to remove blood lactate, which affects muscle fatigue, was faster than adult males.

Education in other areas

The findings of the research team have also shown that children's physical education may have practical consequences.

Studies show that muscle strength in children is generally very good. Encouraging the development of physical fitness and athletic skills in children is a safe and enjoyable learning environment that contributes to children's sporting liking. You should make the sport fun to improve your strength or flexibility. If you can have a hard workout and have fun, then you can really help your children progress towards their potential. If you expect children to play sports like adults, you will not get any success. Because the children look at the game as if the spore is in other areas.

Compared to young people and adults, the limits of children's endurance should be more respected and allowed to be rested when necessary. It should not be forgotten that they are children. However, parents, coaches are doing their best to force conscious or unconscious children. In some cases, parents put too many hours on their children for sport training and competition vaccination. This limits the time available for other activities that are important for spontaneous gaming and child development, while excessive body use can increase the risk of burnout. In order to maintain a healthy balance, parents encourage children to organize and participate in games at the same time. It has also been found beneficial for children and adolescents to participate in various physical activities throughout the year. It has been stated that children and adolescents can help improve their chosen spore performances.

Children who specialize in early ages tend to get injured and injured early. They do not improve their sport performance as much as those with different experience.
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