causes and treatment of low blood pressure

When blood pressure is measured, the first number is the arterial pressure in the arterial vessels, which causes the blood vessels to fill with blood when the pressure is low; The second number is the amount of pressure that occurs while resting between the heartbeats.

The ideal blood pressure measurement was set at 120/80. Low blood pressure, which does not show any symptoms in healthy people, is usually not considered a serious issue or treatment is required.

However, it may also be due to the fact that elderly people do not have enough blood in the heart or brains underlying low blood pressure.

What are the reasons?
The cause of low blood pressure may not always be explained. However, it can be related to the following reasons:

Inadequate thyroid function, diabetes or low blood sugar hormonal problems
Some medicines taken without prescription
Some medications for Parkinson's, depression or high blood pressure
Heart failure
No heart rhythm
Increase or warmth of body temperature
Kidney diseases
What are the reasons for the sudden loss of tension?

Sudden dropping of blood pressure can be life-threatening. Blood pressure suddenly drops from the following causes:

Blood loss
Low Body Temperature Thermometer
High body temperature
Heart muscle disorders causing heart failure
Diarrhea due to diarrhea, fever or vomiting
Reaction to a gentle or alcoholic body
What is the treatment of low blood pressure?
For many people, low blood pressure can be treated with minor changes in daily life. According to your symptoms, your doctor will tell you which of the following solutions to apply:

- Switch to a richer diet from salt.

- Drink plenty of alcohol-free beverages.

- Limit alcohol.

- Drink more fluids such as flu and similar viral infections.

- If one of your medications causes low blood pressure, you can consult your doctor to discontinue these medications.

- Exercise regularly to increase blood flow.

- Be careful when you are sitting or getting up, this process will help you navigate slowly.

- Avoid heavy traffic.

- Avoid standing for long.

- Take care not to be exposed to hot water for a long time because you may experience dizziness. You can help by having a chair or a chair in a spade

- You may prefer less frequent but fewer meals to avoid problems with low blood sugar or dizziness and reduce carbohydrate intake. After eating, it is enough to rest and not take medicines to reduce blood pressure before meals.
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