cast away (2000)

Drama: Those who are left alone in a plane crash know how to get rid of the physical and mental discomfort of being alone on an unexplored, tropical island.

Chuck Noland (TOM HANKS) takes a step to separate for another job, even though he does not return on time for Kelly Frears (HELEN HUNT) to be with him on Christmas Eve. Chuck said he was going to return immediately after giving him what he supposed was an engagement ring, while the offending FedEx system engineer went to Malaysia to correct a problem,

Facing a bad storm, FedEx falls with Chuck being the only survivor. Rolling to the shores of a tropical island, Chuck is happy to be alive, but soon finds himself alone in a deserted island with just a few of the remains of civilization to help him survive with the water surrounding him.

However, he only learns to build shelter, to hunt food, to burn fire, and to escape from the widespread loneliness that descends upon him every day, month after month, and years later.

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