best travel abroad in april

March looked at the door and burned the shovel, and now it is April, symbolizing the awakening of spring, and the action of our holiday nerves. During the entire month the air will warm up, the grass will turn greener, and monsoon rains will cause disasters in some parts of the world, creating some of the most beautiful nature and flower scenes of the year.

Spring rains do not exist in places like Casablanca. At the same time Brussels is one of the places where the April rains are least affected. However, if your budget is not wide enough, Chicago is another beautiful month in April, and Kyoto is preparing to celebrate the Cherry season. For those who want to experience culture, art and architecture, the city of Copenhagen will have the most intensive program in April. However, in April, South Asian countries have a very hot and humid period. We do not recommend you go to these regions until autumn.

Without compromising the intense summer crowd and traffic, we compiled for those who would like to make a plan for April before temperatures reach unbearable levels:

Virgin Islands, USA

The Virgin Islands are not exactly the hurricane season yet; white sandy beaches, first-rate water sports, and ocean-shore cruises have become a complete Caribbean haven. The Virgin Islands, which left behind the most crowded season in March, calmed down and cheaper these days. Food fairs, boat races and dazzling costume parties and walks await you in the Virgin Islands in April. For nature lovers, the Virgin Islands National Park and the Caneel Gulf are experiencing the best times of the year.

Kyoto, Japan
With its 1,000 years of history, countless Buddhist temples and temples, geysers, and ryokan streets, Japan's ancient empire capital Kyoto is living in April, when the best times of the year were given by the Japanese as "Sakura". Kyoto is now covered with a pink cover with the flowering of famous cherry trees. You can enjoy the pleasure of this romantic view in the country of April by staying in a riverside village and taking nature walks. Kyoto is one of the most reasonable options for an April trip integrated with nature.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, the town of Hans Christian Andersen, lives between May and November. In April, Europe's favorite art and culture city, Copenhagen, is one of the cheapest places in the world. Travelers who enjoy Copenhagen's low season opportunities are kept on hand. In April, one of Europe's oldest and most enchanting amusement parks, the Tivoli Gardens, open in April, you can watch the city's extraordinary architecture on wooden roller-coaster.

Chicago, USA
Even though the winter winds have not completely left Chicago, it continues to be one of the most ideal times to visit Chicago, which has survived the harsh winter months of April. The excursion you will make to Chicago in this period to see the changing face of the Chicago Peninsula and take advantage of the opportunities of newly opened venues will be reasonably priced. During this spring season, you can visit first-class museums, try out famous restaurants, and in recent years you can join the upbeat nightlife and watch the White Sox championship game playing in huge crowds.

Casablanca, Morocco
Just in time for summer and just before the unbearable desert heat reaches the West African coasts, in April, the Casablanca city of Morocco breathes comfortably with both dry and warm weather. Although the Casablanca sister cities, Fez and Marrakech, do not have as great a reputation as the architectural remains of the French colonial period, the 2nd Hasan Mosque and the white sandy long coastline, it keeps its appeal for those who want to meet by sea. We would like to add that this year in the Four Seasons Corniche region we have opened a complex beachfront hotel with shops, cafes and restaurants that emphasize a unique synthesis of Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine.

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