benefits and uses of kantaron oil

Antiseptics, blood stoppers, wounds and burns are used in the treatment of inflammation and anti-inflammatory properties of miraculous wort, fat healing and pain relieving features are also quite large. There are cases where it is advisable to drink while it is available externally.

It has been used since ancient times and thanks to the renewal function of the wastewater, it is a frequently used oil especially in wounds and wounds, and has many uses as follows:

St. John's Wort oil-and-benefits-of-use of
1) Usually used externally when applied to injuries, minor injuries, cracks, insect bites and burns. Antiseptic properties can also be used to prevent infections in the wounds.

2) When applied to the aching parts of the body, rheumatism or ointment to muscle aches, the pain is reduced and relieved.

3) Yellow centaur oil is used to stop bleeding because of the vein constriction effect.

4) Since it is a cell renewal effect, it is applied directly to the skin, giving a smoother and more beautiful appearance of the skin. Thanks to this effect, you can skip a scar, scrape, or similar causes to remove scars from the face or body.

5) The spots on the skin caused by the sun can only be used to destroy sun spots or boils. It can even be used as a skin care oil in general.

6) If you use 4 or 5 drops every day and rub the hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids are useful inside hemorrhoids.

7) Anxiety, unhappiness, or hopelessness due to causes such as depression helps to lift the mind.

8) Because it regulates the flow of blood, the formation of varicose veins is significantly reduced.

9) It is known that massage made with centaurus oil reduces pain after foot spasms. Soft massages made with cantonal oil are good for sciatic pain, muscle aches and back pain and reduce pain.

10) It is known that when used by drinking it is good for the pain of the abdomen, swollenness, skewness.

11) It is also an oil that can be used safely in the treatment of rash or rash formation in babies. Even when the baby is suffering from abdominal pain, when the massage is done by pouring centaury oil, it will take pain and soreness in this region.
The use of corn oil
1. Use for skin

2 soup spoon canton bitchisin 1 cup of boiling water and throw it 20 or 25 minutes after you drink it can be cooled and drink once a day, it will be good for your skin to do for a month. The same formula can also be applied against aging.

Skin rash, irritation, scarring, burns or sunburn in situations such as direct rubbing on the skin, rash or hemorrhoids in cases such as applying the massage application is the most useful application forms. This use provides easy closing of the wounds, and the pain is reduced or passed over time.

2. Use applied to balance foot temperature

If you complain about your feet not getting warmed, you will notice that your feet warm up after you rub your soles with a cottonseed oil.

3. Usage to regulate digestion

Kantaron oil is known to be an effective alternative to digestive system irregularities and strengthening of miden when taken before meals. In addition, it is good for gas pain, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation. However, since drinking more than one sweet spoon per day can have side effects, drinking should be more careful in those situations.

It is known that when the plant is prepared as tea, it is also beneficial to gastrointestinal disorders and kidney diseases. Drinking one cup a day before meals can be a good measure against anorexia or for anemia.

4. Use to remove toxins

Because it is a perspirant characteristic of the caterpillar plant, it also helps to sweat when it is prepared as tea and allows the toxins to be thrown from the body through the skin.
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