bali island and the unknowns who are indispensable for those seeking an exotic holiday

Although Indonesia seems to be a closed country to the outside world, the life in the islands is the opposite. There are 17,000 islands in this country, small and large. How big is it? I think it's tremendous.

A short time ago I visited one of these islands. Bali Island !! The island of my dreams is for me The 15 days I spent were all full and every day I experienced things that I have never experienced in my life. If you're ready I start with all my experiences!

Since my preference is to see Jakarta, I first came to Indonesia and stayed here for 2 days.
Why should Bali be preferred?
What do you expect from a vacation? Sea, sand, sun, entertainment, different culture ... There is everything you want to believe in this island. First of all there are accommodation options in Bali that will appeal to every budget. For example; you can stay in a very good hotel for 100 TL. I have my param, if you say I want to hang out like you want it again! Nusa Dua region, hotel options available for diary up to 10 thousand TL

The best options for those who want to tell me about cheaper hotels in the Ubud
Here's a little picture from the hotel I stayed at. Diary is 90 TL and breakfast is included. Many hotels in the Ubud region have infinity pools and at very reasonable prices. I also think the best part of Bali is Ubud and the preferred places.

People who come to Bali island usually prefer the Kuta region as the first option. Do not you get caught in such a mistake. The crowd of people in Kuta is too much, and it is a strange mixture. In the evenings, you are faced with a lot of imbalances that want to sell you drugs or women around you.
But I still stay in Kuta and if I say no to you, the world around me can take pictures of sweet children like me.
Kuta can enjoy the sunset on the beach ..
He can join in the nightly fun ...
Or you can try surfing.
I can tell you for hours I will finish this island by mentioning the things that most of the people in this island have passed on behalf of cutting down a bit.

When you come to the island of Bali, go north to the top, climb Batur volcano and then enjoy the thermal pools along the scenic route.
Walk into the forests and you will see wonderful facilities.
At the same time you will encounter animals that you rarely see in the world.

No one will react to you. Take photos of different lifetimes.
Eat your dinner at sunset.
Most people in Bali are passing by or are not aware of it. The name of the place is Single Fin. Uluwatu is staying on the sides. Do not go without booking! Very crowded.

Luwak is an indispensable piece of cake. But this island has local herbal teas. Absolutely try, you will admire.
Finally, go up the hill and watch the spectacular scenery of Bali.
Of course, you can do things in Bali. There are many more here. I also have Nusa Penida and Gili islands that I have not told you yet! I will talk about them as soon as possible.

Stay with your love, KScan. There are things I absolutely missed. I will respond to all of the comments
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