antiaging mask and preparation

Thanks to the antioxidant substances found in a large amount of cocoa, it can make your skin youthful and glow when used as a skin mask.

Raw cocoa has more than 320 different antioxidant types (not so high in other natural antioxidant foods). These antioxidants, which are always emphasized, fight against free radicals and delay aging and at the same time protect the body from viral and bacterial infections.

To prepare this antiaging mask, we need raw cocoa powder, honey, avocado and cinnamon.

Honey will maintain the moisture level in our skin and make our skin elastic and soft.

Cocoa-containing antioxidants will fight against free radicals that accelerate the aging effects and will also rejuvenate our skin and also help antioxidants to regenerate skin elasticity by accelerating collagen production on the skin.

Avocado is one of the best antiaging foods. It prevents wrinkles from appearing and reduces pre-existing wrinkles. D-Mannoheptulose, found in avocados, promotes collagen production.

Cinnamon contains essential essential oils for many useful ingredients and skin, and also acts as a natural tonic.


  * 1 crushed avocado
  * 3 tablespoons raw cocoa
  * 2 tablespoons honey
  * 1 tea spoon cinnamon

Preparation Method:

Mix all of the ingredients and crawl to your skin. Apply for 25 minutes and then rinse with warm water. You need to practice twice a week to get the most effective results.
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