another continent africa with its natural beauties and colorful people

Africa, the second largest continent in the world, due to the area it occupies and its population; It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Indian Ocean in the south, the Sina Peninsula in the east, the Red Sea and the Suez Canal in the east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.

Surrounded by seas and oceans, Africa is still a continent with countries that still have water problems. The continent has a state, nine regions and a few well-known states, all of which are recognized by other states in a total of 54 diplomatic terms and declared their independence. Africa, which is an interesting continent in every way, has always been a mysterious continent from past to present, with its colorful life, mysterious atmosphere. One of the interesting features of Africa; the equator and the two continents on either side of the world. Africa, which has a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity, is also a region where many official and local languages ​​are spoken at the same time. The continent, which has spent many years under the colonization of other countries, is still carrying many historical and cultural traces. Africa, which entered the modern process after the 20th century, has begun to emerge from its colonies.

Africa, smelling danger and adventure in every sense from climate to geography, from local people's life to wild animals, is a continent that addresses the adrenaline and exploration senses of travel enthusiasts. Africa is one of the regions that attracts the most visitors throughout the year, with its places to visit and travelers, adventurers with dangerous life and nature lovers. Zanzibar Island, the Sahara Desert, the Okavango Delta, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Victoria Falls and many other regions offer a geographic location worth visiting.

African people are known for their optimistic and gull-faced approach to tourists. Afrikaners with colorful lives are experiencing unforgettable experiences from outside, for tourists who are ready to explore. Ready to dance, laugh, laugh, throw into the adventure, and most importantly, volunteer tour guides to ensure that the tourists have a good time, the African natives give their visitors the chance to travel for a lifetime with their local costumes and local entertainments.

One of the prejudices about Africa is "diseases". It is possible to visit Africa by protecting against diseases and outbreaks with a few small measures. Protective wristbands, insect repellent spray, anti-malarial drugs will be the most basic precautions. Those who go to a trip abroad for the first time or who go to a region that is said to be dangerous can of course have protective preventive vaccinations from health centers and can take medication with a doctor's recommendation. Apart from general health measures, Africa is not a continent as it is seen from outside. On the contrary, despite the challenging living conditions, it is likely that local people will return with a vigorous view, energetic state and a life energy that will surprise you with a gulp

Africa is a magnificent route to seeing wildlife with all its nakedness, enjoying natural beauty, catching beautiful photographs, witnessing a local life, experiencing how different cultures coexist and happily live together, and most importantly, catching life energy. Many African travelers stress that they will want to come a few times after seeing Africa. Africa presents a huge and colorful continent that shows that differences coexist harmoniously together with happiness and life energy. There is no doubt that Africa is at the forefront of one of the regions that must be seen by passers-bys and adventurous travelers.
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