an alternative to rise against the rise, your travel route: the balkans!

Instead of hanging in a single country, the Balkans, it is an important region where you can visit very special points in every country. Agreements that allow you to move around easily in the sense of a visa offer you a free environment. As a result, you will have to spend foreign exchange in the following periods instead of European trips; You can take part in a trip where you can move much more easily in the Balkans.

In this writing, we have compiled the most important places you should visit in each Balkan country. You can travel all the addresses below at much more cost than most European countries. Instead of paying almost twice the normal rate due to the tattoo, a more comprehensive holiday; you can plan for more affordable rates. When you decide to go to the Balkans, be sure to check again. (:

1) Postojna Cave (Slovenia)
There are many underground caves around the world. But none are as deep and specific as the Postojna Cave. Particularly during December, it will be part of an adventurous journey that will not stop the cold and one of the most important points of an exciting Balkan tour. Postojna Cave.

2) Prizren (Kosovo)
It is perhaps one of Kosovo's most exclusive sights. Famous for its Rumeli cuisine, this region is at the top of the list of places where you can make a much more conceptual excursion, apart from the fun and modernized ordinary life of a family. The historic castle and its entirely natural structure make your experience a more sophisticated place. Accommodation options and restaurants reflect this historic texture.

3) Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
On the one hand it will be a part of a peaceful Balkan tour, on the other hand a very different process with historical texture will provide a special adrest. Having many historical ruins, Plovdiv offers old but contemporary facilities with a charming and historic architecture in terms of accommodation. This provides you with a comfortable, free but different Balkan tour. It is one of the important addresses you can choose with your family during the New Year holiday.

4) Kotor (Montenegro)
Montenegro is a country that has drawn considerable attention with its coastlines and has made a reputation. Kotor, like a full table, offers you a completely different experience. It is very quiet and peaceful in the winter months, making Kotor an indispensable option especially for those looking for a romantic excursion address. Here, you are surrounded by lush green nature and forest. In front of you, a blue sea and an immaculate sea await you. Here, Kotor is between these two excellence and is a point of attraction with bigger hotels, bigger buildings rather nicer, historical buildings.

5) Belgrade (Serbia)
Balkans make your turf a little more fun; If you want to have a private holiday in a lively address, Belgrade will be the right choice. With its modern life and entertainment concept located in the historical building, it will be the best choice especially for those who want to enter with a fun at the beginning of the year and do this with a more economical swim trip.

6) Split (Croatia)
Finally, the addresses we propose for those who plan for the new year will be Split. It promises to be beyond a standard holiday, a standard entertainment sense, that the region is the greatest city and offers modern life in the best possible way in every area, without anyhow protecting the historical texture from the Roman Empire period.

We recommend: On such a Balkan trip, you do not need much tours or guides. For this reason, instead of such external costs, you can have your chance to travel more freely and comfortably by making your own plan completely thanks to the Balkans.

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