america's best university campuses

"If you are asking what young people are paying attention to when choosing a university, I would say: Either a good scholarship or a good campus is good," said Adam Gross, an academics professor at Virginia University.

America's top universities place great importance on their campuses to attract the interest of successful high school graduates who have not yet decided which university to choose. These university squares, astonishing architecture, landscaping and on-campus facilities await students. Already famous architects say that landscape and architecture is very influential on the popularity of a university.

Each of these campuses, which reflects the naive American architecture, with its spectacular aesthetics and astonishing surveillance of those who enter, each has strong academic identities. We have compiled college campuses for you with an environment that can be inspired throughout your education life, with an environment that can be lived peacefully:

Stanford University - Palo Alto, California
Unquestionably the most magnificent district of the university, it was the entrance gate to the entrance of the 8180-acre campus. You will reach the main square of the campus through the palm trees lined for one kilometer and through the tile-colored buildings. Near this square is a church with a mosaic facade reminiscent of a work of art. Outside, you can walk through 170 sculptures made by Auguste Rodin of world famous scientists to the division where the classrooms are located. The campus has an extraordinary look when viewed from the Hoover Tower in San Francisco on a day when the weather is clear.

Barry University - Berry Mountain, Georgia
The presence of this university in a rural area has an added advantage: the campus is built on a total area of 27,000 acres and has lakes, forests and even mountains in its borders. Built by Henry Ford, one of the most important donors of this university, the Ford Dining Hall is home to some of the most popular British Gothic architecture, including the Ford Auditorium and Mary Hall. The campus, in which many ornamental pools and fountains are located, defines the experts as a first class building.

Notre Dame University - South Bend, Indiana
The main building of the university, also known as the Catholic School, is designed as a dome, dating back to 173 years ago, and whose management is predominantly Catholic. In addition to its magnificent architecture, this campus student has a fantastic sports facility where you can play sports like football, basketball, american football, swimming, tennis, rugby and baseball.

University of South Florida - Lakeland, Florida
There is a common point between the Ellis Islands and the University of South Florida. These two areas are listed by UNESCO on the list of World Cultural Heritage and one of the 40 American spots where some living creatures are experiencing extinction. Established on one of the slopes overlooking the Hollingsworth River, the University of South Florida has the largest collection of Frank Lyold Wright in the world, with colorful buildings, large windows, wrought iron gardens and the Annie Plefffer Chapel. This campus, which Wright personally designed, was listed on the American National Historic Sites in 2012.

Cincinnati University - Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincy University, which recently acquired a more modern appearance after a costly over $ 1 billion and 10-year-old restoration, proved to be UC Magazine's "no need for clay-covered brick walls to look charismatic". Designed by famous architects Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, this campus has been marking the region since 2005. Although Cincinnati is not yet nationally renowned, it has become popular with college students through the refreshment and renewal of its campus.

University of San Diego - San Diego
The University of San Diego is known as a reflection of the Spanish Renaissance in America, with its specially designed facades, fine workmanship, wooden sculptures and the faithfulness to reflect it. The courtyard, decorated with the ocean view and palm trees, is the area where students love to spend most of their time on campus. The famous Immaculata Chapel with its blue dome and bronze door located on the campus is also attracted by students and tourists alike. Behind the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, students at the back of the calming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean add color to the campus.

Rice University - Houston
Rice University is one of the newest universities built on 285 acres of land, a green alanda and a number of over 5000 historic trees. Reflecting medieval architecture such as the extraordinary Lovett Hall, the conference rooms and meeting rooms are all in a lush forest. Rice University Campus is located in America and is a rare campus that reflects European architecture.

Cornell University - Ithaca, New York
Architects who want to do what has not been done so far have chosen Cornell University to be the most beautiful spot of Lake Cayuga. This unique plan, developed by architect Mark de Shong, who is well educated but believes that he can be given a good campus, is one of the best in America's Cornell University campus. The historic building, like the McGraw Tower inside it, is built on an untouched campus, while the outdoor cinemas of the Johnson Art Museum are open while the Rem Koolhaas Hall exhibits contemporary artworks. With a 25-acre botanical garden and 8 waterfalls on the lake, you can climb the Newman Overlook to a panoramic view.

Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey
Founded on 500 acres of land, Princeton University is generally made up of gray stone buildings. Buildings such as the University Chapel and the Cleveland Tower on the campus are examples of gothic architecture on campus. Mark de Shong, the architect of the campus, said, "There are beautiful buildings in Princeton, but the landscapes are not good." Architect deShong dealt with this campus and designed it with an extraordinary landscape, a large courtyard, small squares of idyllic colors and pavement reaching this square. Nassau Hall covered with vines is not only the old building of the campus, but also the meeting place of the Continentl Congress. Do not miss the various art collections from the Maya Jaina figures to Blue Marilyn at Princeton Art Museum, which is also on this campus.

Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington, Indiana's oldest and most populous university, has a lush campus set on a wooded area. There are 80 different types of mature trees on campus. A clock tower rises in the center of the campus, which is covered with meticulously protected red bricks. The campus also hosts an art museum exhibiting over 30,000 artifacts from Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse all year round. If you want to look at the human body from a scientific standpoint, you can visit the Kinsey Institute for Gender and Reproductive Research.

University of Virginia - Carlottesville, Virginia
There is a characteristic that distinguishes Virginia University from others. This campus is the first and only American campus on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. It was Thomas Jefferson who was able to fund and improve the university. Even the first instructor started to work and even planned the curriculum. The most important point of this elegant campus is the Neoclassical dome that imitates the Pantheon in Rome, and Rotanda is recommended as the Private Collections Library exhibited by the Declaration of Independence.

Yale University - New Haven, Connectitut
While some campuses seem to be proud of their past and closed to newness, Yale is rebuilding architecture every year. "Our campus is a vibrant past that reflects every aspect of this city for three centuries," says Robert Stern, Yale University's Dean of Architecture. There is also a museum in the collection of the university where you can learn about the Red Sea. If you have a book that you have not been able to find by now, it is unlikely that you will be free from the Beinecke Rare Book and Handwriting Library.

Lewis & Clark College: Portland, Oregon
It is located on a 137-acre site, only 6 kilometers from the city, with green forests, pathways and stone walls. The university is named after two researchers named Lewis and Clark. There is also a private castle with 35 rooms on campus.
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