all properties of american bison

American bison is the largest land animal in North America. Men can stand six to six feet on their shoulders and weigh 1 to 2 tons. The teeth are about five meters long and between 800 kilograms and 1 ton. American Bison has long feathered brown fur, jaw and beard beneath the jaw, and long tail tails that end up in hair. They have a short head horn with short black horns and a hunch on their shoulders.

American bison was once found in Canada, part of the United States and parts of Mexico. Wilderness populations are now limited to national parks and zoological gardens. Today the bison are kept under surveillance. They live in private places. These include the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the National Park in the Montana Flathead Valley, the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Oklahoma, the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Shelter in northern Nebraska, the Sullys Hill National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Dakota shelter, Middle Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Northwest Territories, Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada. American bison live especially in ovals, meadows and river valleys with boundaries.

American bison is a complete grader. (flattening the rough terrain with body weights) Nutrients are mostly composed of grasses and soil sediments. They also eat strawberries. In the winter months, the bison use their heads and hooves to move the snow out of the vegetation cover. Grader nickname comes from these movements.


The female bison becomes ready to mate when she is two or three years old. Men are not ready to mate until they are about six years old. Mating season starts in July and may continue from September. When the mating season begins, the male bison goes to the female groups and selects a female. Then they are ready to mate with their females.

Men stay behind the thrush and choose a tooth and tend to dent. The trend may take a few minutes or even days. If a female does not deal with a man, the female moves away from the area. Men threaten and sometimes attack the other male bison, who are trying to get close to the tooth they are interested in. Fights between men can be bloody. The female gives birth to a calf about nine months later. They choose an isolated area to give birth. The newborn bison is a reddish brown color. Mothers and youngsters are separated from the herd for several days. Approximately two months later the puppies will begin to develop the bison, calf, shoulders and horns. Calves usually live dependent on the mother until they are seven months old.


American bison spend the hot hours of day, chewing grass that they have gathered, or getting dirty in the ground. Early in the morning and after lunch are the most active timescale.
American Bison live in various groups. Teeth and young men can live in groups of 20 people. Men can also live in groups of up to 20 men. They can live in smaller groups or individually. Mature males and females generally live apart from each other except for breeding season. Each bison group has a dominant male or female character. These are called group leaders.
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