all the money in the world (2017)

All the Money in the World Filminin Summary and Details:
The film is inspired by the facts of John Pearson's book. The script was written by David Scarpa. Sony Pictures and Director Ridley Scott have filmed Kevin Spacey, who was involved in sexual harassment scandals with the completion of Filmin.

Later, instead of the actor, Christopher Plummer was brought in to rebuild the staging of Kevin Spacey to portray businessman J. Paul Getty, who refused to pay the ransom for the abducted grandchild. In addition, the actor is a candidate for an Oscar nominee.

The film tells the true story of John Paul Getty III, who was abducted by the mafia in the region when he was 16 years old while living in Rome.

Charlie Plummer, the grandson of Charlie Plummer, a petroleum king who is considered to be one of the richest men in the world, wants help from the kidnapper, and when he declines to pay the ransom, Gail does everything to convince him. Trust the CIA agent (Mark Wahlberg) to help save the child's life.

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