absolutely must see 7 library

When making travel plans, everyone has their own priorities. I am the nature, I go to places where we can camp; I am indispensable to the museum, art, history, I have to see it all in place, or I feel like I have lived in the smell of books, and I can say that I must be lost among them. If you are the lovers of that library, be ready to go and learn about the 7 libraries you need to vent your air.

1. George Peabody Library - USA
This historic library, which dates back to 1878, is a charming building in a neoclassical style. While there are over 300 books in the library, the atmosphere of the library is very likely to prompt you to settle in the library.

2. Library of Trinity University - Ireland
The Trinity University Library, which is one of the world's most famous historical libraries, owns the world's oldest 600,000 books, while home to about 6 million items. It is known that the library's main room is 65 meters long.

3. National Library of the Czech Republic
This National Library of the Czech Republic, which turned out to be a historical library, began operating in 1722. Theological and medical works of great importance are also included in the world. The library atmosphere, as well as the peaceful nature of this library are the most important features of this library.

4. Admont Monastery Library - Austria
This library, built in 1776, welcomes visitors with a capacity of 150,000 books and a similar structure to the sarcophagus. The library has a very dazzling structure in terms of interior architecture. It is also said that it is the most beautiful library from the visual point of view.

5. Congress Library - USA
Opened to the public by 1800, this library hosts approximately 2 million visitors annually. This library, known as the second largest library in the world, has 158 million items in it.

6. China National Library
Founded in 1909, this library is known as the largest library in Asia. While more than 26 million items are in this library, the architecture of the library is tremendous.

7. National Library of France
One of the libraries to be visited in Paris, the French Library of UIusal, was in operation in 1461. It is regarded as one of the oldest libraries in the world, with 40 million elements and about 14 million books.
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