about repeating dreams

A number of statistics have been generated as a result of researches, tests and experiments about dreams; even though the subject has not yet reached a full openness, the facts about dreams have emerged and dream types have been classified according to the fact that the dreams show a diversity. People who are busy and tired, who are busy with a constant head, see dreams in the form of confusing events or about the subject they are interested in. This situation is considered to be not influenced by the real dream, and such dreams are not interpreted.

The explanation of dreams of nightmares and nightmares that are beginning to gain a frightening and even horrifying dimension, usually after a good start, is made by psychoanalysts and nervous specialists. Repeated dreams, often referred to as seeing the same dream, are often dreams that contain a message. Sleeping people see various things in their dreams, and they remember when they wake up they see it; such dreams are interpretable dreams, and the event we call dreaming is more necessary for such dreams. The dreams that are often seen by people with intuition are known as 'real dreams' and it is recommended that people who see such dreams have good evaluations of dreams.

This is a more understandable situation if people in daily life who are too confused with a certain subject constantly see dreams linked to this topic; what the brain is busy all day is also influencing dreams. If the subconscious can be emptied, rested, these dreams can be cut behind. But if this is not the case, it is accepted that repeated dreams carry a message, the person who sees the dream tries to tell something. Repeated dreams generally signify individual weaknesses and fears, or inability to cope with something that exists in the past or during the time when one lives. It is possible that the models and shapes found in these dreams reveal valuable information about the person. Seeing the same dream constantly can be an unresolved problem or situation, a hidden message that is under the conscious and wants to be understood, or a conflict.

It is possible that the message that repetitive dreams contain and that we want to understand is very powerful and important; repeated dreams; the person may not get lost until this message is received and treated accordingly. For this reason, it is especially important that a dream interpretation that is right and healthy is brought into this dream. There are some things that can always be done to get over the top of the same dream. You need to look for yourself and be willing and ready to face everything you see there. For example, you may have done something that disturbs your conscience. Whether you have done it against or against, how much power and / or embarrassment it will take you to make it open, you must do it.

These dreams will probably change or disappear when you solve the message that is given to you through repeated dreams. At this point it will be useful to write down all the details of your dream and to examine even the smallest point written. It is possible that these small spots are the most crucial part of the dream and help to understand the repeated dream.

Trying to look at the dream with an objective eye is also important in the last place. It is necessary to try not to be emotional and reactive towards the dream, but to concentrate on the main lines and symbolic elements. Dreams are full of disturbing components that will prevent you from deeply ingraining and recognizing subordinate meanings. It is possible that this is a defense method that originates from your subconscious, and you may not need to defeat this defensive mechanism to understand your repeated dream.

When doing these things, it is also necessary for the person to learn to accept himself, truly, completely, in every way. Patience is essential; you should not be despondent if you continue to think that you have understood the message that your dream contains and that you are doing what you need to do. Perhaps you are mistaken, perhaps there are points in your hand that you might have missed, or ignorance, that you are trying to come from.
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