a magical journey in the history of viking: vking cities

The Vikings, known as warriors, have been the subject of many motion pictures. You will be surprised by the history of this civilization that has kept its mystery. Especially they have succeeded to be noteworthy with the headgear they put on their heads. This civilization living in Scandinavian countries also has quite remarkable information with its history. The Vikings, many of whom have spent their lives at sea, are known as pirates, merchants and warriors. This civilization, which survived 1200 years ago, has taken over many countries in Europe as well. They have also delivered fear with their double-horned hats in their heads. Because they are sailors, they have their own vessels. Therefore they have succeeded in superiority in sea wars. This civilization of piracy has succeeded in having many treasures.
The Europeans used the tyrant title for this civilization, where everywhere the horror took place. They are also not loved because of destroying the monasteries. However, this civilization, which has a history, has lived in many countries in Europe. They settled in civilization in order to live in the places where they conquered, but they were scattered over time. There is also information for the Vikings in our country. There is an article in the Hagia Sophia that is said to belong to the 9th century. There is a phrase in this article that Halvdan was here. It is foreseen that this writing was written by the Viking civilization. When you visit Hagia Sophia for this, you can see and see where this script is located. It is estimated that a Viking soldier wrote this post. It is also estimated that this soldier who lived in the Roman period served as a mercenary. This article, located on the top floor of Hagia Sophia, is under protection. There is also a note about staying in the 9th century so that you can see it on it. Civilization that has expanded and spread to other countries has disappeared after a certain period of time.

Features of the Vikings
Contributing to the formation of a civilization, the Vikings are also described as civilized people as warriors. They do not use women as slaves and value them. They were also engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Where they spent their entire lives maritime. The ships they used were of very good quality, so they could be used for a long time. You can see the works of Vikings in European countries. You can come across this country which has a historical past in the countries you visit. They gave too much importance to cleanliness. The Europeans say that the Vikings are not clean, but they have proven to be clean according to historical information. They also believed that the Vikings would return to the sea when they were killed in religious terms, leaving them to the ocean. Their weapons were also sacred to them.

A Civilization of the Seas
This civilization, better known as a looter, had a complete dominance in the seas. Specially developed vessels made it easier for them to move. Because of this, they overcame the wars they had with the ships, causing many ships to sink. This civilization, which makes the principle of fetching its own cultures to places where they have been settled, also settled in the Normandy region of France. It is also claimed that they learn French here.

In Which Countries Have They Lived
Although the country of Vikings is known as Denmark, they have lived in many countries. When you visit Denmark, you can see the places of Viking. Their original homeland, Denmark, also lived a long time. Later they lived in Sweden, England, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. When you go to these countries you may have information about the artifacts and life of the Vikings. According to Norwegian scientists, they claim to have lived in America. France has a short life, and this civilization has set the stage for cultural change in the countries where they have been. It also includes information that the Vikings speak in French.

Located in northern Europe, this country is very rich in terms of places to visit and see. It is also the greenest country in the world. In the country the Vikings lived for a certain period of time. You can also access information about Vikings when you visit here. The Viking marine museum is also located in the country. You can see works belonging to Viking in the museum.

In the excavations in Switzerland, works belonging to Vikings were found. The Vikings engaged in trade also lived in this country.
In the 8th and 11th centuries the Vikings ruled in Norway. When you go to Norway you can also see works of Vikings.

Have an Important Place in the History of England
Vikings have been attacking England. Buddha formed a driving force in the union of the British. It has also been a positive reflection of the British culture.

Iceland is a country with many tourist areas. When you visit this country you may also have information about the history of Viking.

This civilization, dominated by European countries, was described as barbarian during the period they lived. They have accelerated the interaction by taking every country from their own culture. When you travel to European countries you can see the belongings of this civilization. You can see the vessels used at that time in the ship museum in Denmark. The different design of these ships will surprise you. You may have information about your civilizations by visiting this area. You can also get new information thanks to this civilization that has managed to come up to the sun.
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