a bronx tale (1993)

Summary and Details:
It's Robert De Niro's first directed film, an excellent film.

The film is divided into two sections. The first character, our main character Colagero (Francis Capra) is 9 years old and his father Lorenzo (Robert De Niro) has a life-long conversation but until a murder is committed outside.

Local gangster Sonny (Chazz Palminteri) is shooting a local borrower and Colagero finds herself with a big question: Did I not have Sonny deliver the police? He decides not to betray the mafia and gain the trust that comes from it.

Dad, an honest bus driver, I'm trying to do what's best for me to get this gangster out of his wings. Little Colagero is the mafia guard who started seeing a model of Sony and saw him as a son.

It's been eight years and we'll see you in second place. Colagero now acts like a nickname and a wise man at 17. Sonny is in front of the local mafia and in C's. Lorenzo still loves him and he's been an honest bus chief trying to save him once.

You let Sonny know that she does not have the thing, and she continues to see her father proud of her survival.

It grows for the children under the wings of both and divides into two to win the natural honesty and the attraction that Sonny feels for.

They have begun to interfere with genocide, the friends of Colagero, arms smuggling and racial conflicts.

Calogero is not easy to get to know and work with, and ends with recognition of many many faces with signs.

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