8 reasons to go to ukraine

Ukraine, one of the most popular countries in Europe; culture, events, history and local people, many of whom are listed as "countries to be seen". Turkey - Turkish Ukraine ceased to be a dream trip for passports and visa-free travel with the conclusion of the agreement between Ukraine and the Ukraine, he began to take place between countries easily can be traveled. Here are 10 reasons to travel to Ukraine, full of unique beauties;

Passport and Visa Free

In the early years, with Turkey without requiring documents such as passports and visas for travel between Ukraine, the announcement will be made with input and output only identification has attracted great interest. Along with the agreement, those who do not have a passport will be able to enter Ukraine directly with their ID card.


Ukraine is among the favorite countries of Turkish travelers due to its cheapness and closeness. Almost everyone who goes abroad can be deprived of many things during the trip because he does not exceed the budget he has set aside for the trip, by making the account of even the smallest amount of money he spends. Ukraine is a very attractive country for its economically oriented visitors. It is quite reasonable for you to add Ukraine to your holiday route, both because the country is seriously cheap compared to other European countries and also because it is very rich in terms of history and tourism.

Cultural and Historical Wealth
Ukraine is a country that stands out with its deep-rooted history and culture as well as its color and fun life. So much so that millions of tourists prefer Ukraine every year as part of their cultural tour. The Golden Gate, which is considered to be one of the most important religious structures of Ukraine with its history of over a thousand years in Kiev, is getting more and more revitalized every year by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In addition Ukraine; miniature, Chernobyl, pharmacy, art, and many more. passport to Turkey - lack of visa problems, have a rich culture, among the countries providing amusement for students to take first place in the Ukraine.

Top Level Security
Ukraine is thought to be dangerous from a distance, because of the recent war, and contrary to what is believed, the trust of local people and tourists is overcome. People from all over the country can walk safely through the streets of the city from the first lights of the morning until the end of the night.

Fun Festivals

Odessa, Lviv and Kiev are home to many festivals as important cities of Ukraine. Festivals such as dance, music, art, theater, film, eating and drinking are organized in many venues to ensure that city streets are filled with colorful and vibrant people. Many travelers are trying to incorporate this entertainment by setting their visit to Ukraine to the festival calendar. With the passport and visa-free Ukraine, the Turks show great interest in festivals.

Friendly and Helpful People
The Ukrainian people are hospitable people who are well known for their gentle behavior to the tourists. Ukrainians, who are trying to help even foreign tourists, the problem of communication is also getting rid of it, and this makes Ukraine one of the only countries that you can go without knowing the language.

Green Climate
Green-loving nature lovers can go to Ukraine only to see the natural parks and green areas. Because Ukraine is famous only for having more than one hundred natural parks in Kiev, and cities such as Odessa and Lviv are not different from Kiev in this regard. The Ukrainian government and people have been paying great attention to protecting the green union in the country for many years.

Ukrainian Cuisine
Ukrainian cuisine is large enough to satisfy Turks about eating and drinking. Many dishes are similar to Turkish cuisine. For this reason, the Turks who go to Ukraine are not facing the problem of starvation as in other countries. The local people who have a special interest in the Turks open their doors to the rich kitchens with their hospitable approach. However, it is not difficult to find restaurants that serve Turkish food in the capital city Kiev, for the Turkish cuisine dishes.

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