8 european countries to visit in the winter

The culture from Europe's history, famous architecture, artifacts, and many cities that can be visited during the winter, dating back to the Middle Ages. In the winter months, making it easy to get cheap flights to Europe, we have brought together the best winter cities you can add to your travel route.

Krakow, Poland
Krakow, one of the most crowded and oldest cities in Poland, is one of the fortunate Eastern European cities that was founded around the Vistula River and was not destroyed much in the Second World War. In Europe, some travel critics have named the fairytale city to the city, which has one of the best preserved monuments of the Middle Ages. When you go to Krakow, you can surely see places like Auschwitz concentration camp, St Mar Basilica, Florian Gate. The city is very famous in social media because European Erasmus students prefer this city because it is relatively cheap and the city is not passed by the young people's parties. More famous than the Polish capital city of Warsaw, this city attracts tourists with affordable holiday options during the winter months.

Vienna, Austria
Austria's capital and the most populous city, Vienna is also known as Europe's cultural and artistic city. Situated as the center of Europe throughout history and experiencing many diplomatic and cultural events, the city ranks first in the world's most livable cities list every year. One third of the area is made up of forests, and Austria is one of the richest cities in Europe with art. The Schönbrunn Palace Museum, the Hofsburg Palace, the Opera House, the Butterfly House are the places most visited by tourists in this city. Do not forget to try the Şnitzel, a Viennese food in the city where all year's music festivals are organized, in the homeland.

Bruges, Belgium
City lights, classical music inspirations and historic architecture make the city a more medieval town in Bruges during the winter months, which gives it a medieval atmosphere. Breathing the bohemian air of the city, joining the canal tour with hot wine, watching the city at the Bell Tower is one of the most popular winter activities in Bruges. If you want to get to know the city that gives you the right to say "Little Venice" for Bruges, you can watch "In Brugges" filmin.

Budapest, Hungary

Some travel critics in Budapest, who have come to the fore with the merging of two cities named Budin and Pesta on both sides of the Danube River in Central Europe, are described as the Paris of Central Europe. Although the city is the second most populous city after Berlin and a big city, the public transport system has developed considerably and is also available for walking on foot. Watching the magnificent view of the Danube River from Gellert Hill, seeing the World Heritage Site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and visiting the Renaissance Period chats is a favorite activity of tourists in winter. The city is also a frequent destination for those who want to find healing from thermal water that is famous for its hot springs and reaches 50 degrees in the middle of winter.

Hallstatt, Austria
Halstatt is one of the most peaceful cities in Europe. In this UNESCO-protected city, various winter activities such as hiking in the nature, watching the scenery, fishing under the ice in the lake can be done. It is one of the preferences of tourists in winter months who want to escape from the complexity of life and find peace.

Copenhagen, Denmark
It is not possible to ignore Scandinavian countries when it is winter. Copenhagen is at the head of these Scandinavian cities. The city is also known as the city of festivals, and a festival is held every month. It is advised that you check the festival calendars before you come to this town where you can find an event for every taste. You can choose one of the Jazz, Blues and Electronic music festivals, join nature treks in Nyhavn, take a boat ride on the canal, visit the city's symbol, the Sea Sculpture statue.

Prague, Czech Republic

Adds Gothic queen to Prague: They go to Prague in winter. In Prague, where winter tourists show great interest, you should take a break at Parizska Street in this season, watch the snow-capped city of Petrin Tep, try to walk freely on the icy roads of Charles Bridge and climb to the Astronomical Clock Tower to watch this fascinating city from above . Prague is a very colorful city with restaurants, cuisine and nightlife. If you will go out at night alone, take precautions against the cold because this city will be cool even in summer, you can guess the cold of winter.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallin, a medieval city surrounded by walls and watchtowers, is the capital of Estonia. The historic structure resembling Brugge in Belgium is protected by UNESCO like Hallstatt. Tallinn is a tranquil city and tourists usually attend tranquil activities. To watch the city from the top you can go to Toompea Hill, visit the cobbled streets of this area, visit historic houses and spend time in the parks.
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