7 fruit cures breathing to our skin

It is important to care for skin for skin health and beauty. There may be problems with skin at any age. For example; While young people have acne problems, middle-aged people try to take precautions against the lines that start to appear on their skin. At a later age, they want the skin to look better. As a result, it is necessary to show special interest to the skin in order to have beautiful skin in every age. For skin care, it is necessary to keep the skin clean, to use moisturizers appropriate to the skin type, to protect from harmful rays of the sun, masks, cures and healthy eating.

1- Fruit cure with grapefruit: In this fruit cure, add a mixture of honey and half a cup of yoghurt. 1 teaspoon of grapefruit juice is mixed with water to the face. After standing for about 15 minutes, the face is then rinsed with warm water.
2- Fruit cured with oranges: This cured two tablespoons lavender flower is soaked with a glass of orange juice and crushed with a slice of cucumber. Finally, a soup is mixed with barley flour into a mask. This mask, which stands for about 15 minutes, is washed with warm water and the face is cleaned. This cure is very beneficial for the skin. It can be done 3 times a week for 3 weeks. With this curing, the aging effects are reduced, and skin problems can be avoided.
3- Fruit curing with apple: Apple is a healthy fruit that can be reached all seasons. And when combined with a cream, it moisturizes, tightens and softens the skin. Grind one apple and add 2 tablespoons of cream into it and mix it on the skin. After standing for 10 minutes, the face is washed with warm water.

4- Fruit cure with strawberries: It is a cure that can be done easily and for skin moisturization. 2-3 strawberries are crushed and mixed with some honey. The mixture is stopped for about 20 minutes and then the skin is cleaned with cold water.
5- Fruit cured with cucumber: The positive effects of salatalı on the skin are known by everyone. Round is reserved to put one of my slices into the eyes. The rest is crushed and brought to the consistency of the mask. This cured face is kept on the skin for about 15 minutes. Cleaned with cold water. The skin becomes refreshed at the same time as it is damp.
6- Fruit cure with banana: This cure is enough to crush only 1 banana. The peeled banana is torn down on the crushed face and neck. After waiting for 15 minutes, it is cleaned with cold water. With this cure, the skin is moisturized by natural means.
7- Fruit cure with apricot: It is good for skin problems such as acne while it also takes dead skin cells. Softens and brightens the skin. To make this cure, the apricot kernel needs to be dusted as much as 3 apricots and 1 food spoon. This mixture is applied to the face and neck. Waited 20 minutes and then cleaned.

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