5 hotels that store history and culture in architecture.

Holiday; a miracle of five letters that fills us with happiness when we hear somewhere, does not sleep with excitement as we approach, and discharges us with imagination. It is the only time the modern world man has forgotten the meaning of the word stress. Although the strösten is our common point of escape desire, all of us have different expectations. For the rest of us, which means fun for us, rest is just rest.

They are one step away from another holiday-maker group. For them, vacation means every minute, even every second. You can find them running from one side of the street to another to feel the texture and smell of the city, absorb the cultures and become a part of history. If you are an explorer and the streets are not enough for you, how about you to be a true part of the story in the city that reflects the history of the city and the culture with its original architecture? If you want to start from the room where you are exploring the city, this list is for you. Here are 5 hotels in the architectural wonder.

Hotel De L'Europe, Netherlands
This hotel, restored from a 17th century city built for defensive purposes, promises you historic Amsterdam as it has a view of the Amstel River. Many of Amsterdam's most famous museums are within walking distance, and each guest room welcomes a specially selected artwork. Famous for its award-winning restaurants and spas, this hotel offers 48 rooms and 63 suites.

Ashford Castle Hotel, Ireland
With a total renovation of 83 rooms and suites, this hotel promises a greenery that you can not even imagine. You will live an 800 year old history and culture in every detail, and the rooms are designed keeping the original characteristics of the room. It is a matter of time if you are to come across unique pieces of art and antique pieces. Ashford Castle Hotel promises to make you live a true king / queen life, keeping a steady place on the list of Ireland's top 5 hotels and adding a new one to the annual awards.

Quinta Reas Zacatecas, Mexico
This hotel is just 5 minutes from the city center, where you will be transformed from the San Pedro bullwalk ring and witnessing the whole experience of Mexico with its magnificent restoration. Each of the 43 exclusive suites decorated with antique and original artworks evokes a unique Mexican history. This hotel is a heterotopia, as you will be a partner of a luxury hotel in a historical colonial period.

The Gritti Palace, Italy
The story of this hotel with its magnificent view of the Santa Maria delle Salute Church on the canal in Venice dates back to 1475. This building, which was considered one of the most important works of Venice architecture and which belonged to the Venetian president Andrea Gritti in those years, has been restored to its former glory after being restored. Healing Mother Mary's Basilica Close to many of Venice's most exclusive symbols, such as Mark's Basilica and the Rialto Bridge, this hotel is a great choice for those looking to experience and experience the city.

Hotel Parador de Ronda, Spain
This hotel is located in the Spanish town of Malaga, in the enchanting Ronda town with its magnificent nature and architecture. It is possible to say that this hotel gives a great view guarantee if you indicate that some rooms are located on a steep cliff. The ancient bridge, which is still used today, is famous for its span-like views of the Tagus gorge, and is a unique stop for those seeking the simplest and traditional way of exploring the city.
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