5 delicious delicacies with the taste of tasting mexican food

The Mexican cuisine, which has emerged as a synthesis of the traditions of ancient locals such as the Aztecs and Mayans, is famous for its spices. Fajita is the most famous Mexican food in our country, where beans, corn and fruits grown on fertile soil are used abundantly. We have compiled for you 5 exquisite meals to suit your palate taste from Mexican cuisine.

Fajita comes first in mind when we say Mexican food in our country. The word meaning of Fajita, prepared with meat, chicken or fish, is known as "the most beautiful place of meat" in Spanish. Fajita is a food placed between the tortillas prepared with wheat or corn flour. The beef meat cut in a jell-shaped shape is served with sautéed and served with guacamole sauce prepared with rich spices.


Quesadilla prepared between tortilla; sour cream, guacamole, chili thai or salsa sauce. Quesadilla, prepared with beef, chicken or fish, flavored with cheddar and many vegetables, is one of the most delicious meals of the Mexican cuisine.


Nachos prepared as a starter in Mexican cuisine; tortilla or corn chips, served with cheddar cheese or jalapeno pickles, can be prepared as precious, chicken or meat. You can choose spicy chips as chips and lavas instead of tortilla bread. You can boil the mexican bean that you can find easily at the grocery store, soak it with meat, chicken or minced meat, then enrich it with spices and put it on the chips. You can cook it on top with cheddar or cheddar cheese and prepare a perfect nachos with sauces.

4-Chili Con Carne

The Chili Con Carne, which resembles the intense sacks of ours, is a dish made with chili peppers, which is quite painful in Mexico. Meal made with Mexican bean paste is very similar to the bitter taste of our kidney beans or dry beans.


Not without sweets. You can make Churros look like a ring or a pumpkin. The only difference from our desserts is that they are unstable. It's crispy because no sherbet is used, Churros. This dessert served with melted chocolate, sugar and cinnamon is extremely tasty.
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