5 activities that travelers like to do in rainy waters

The rainy weather is a total torture for some travelers and a blessing for travelers who see it as an opportunity. Some travelers do not want to rain. They always feel a different sense of what they do in the rain. Rainy weather, which is especially common in fall and spring seasons, is one of the most favorite days of travelers.

Have you ever wondered why travelers love these rainy days more? Let us explain immediately. Because activities performed during rainy weather do not give the same taste at any other time. The rain gives them a feeling of openness.

1. Pleasure in the Rain Ferry
The black color of the sea and sky in rainy weather is among the rare moments travelers will want to see and never forget. Travelers who enjoy the ferry knowing that there is a sea in their place, say that they can never forget the pleasures they receive during rainy weather. They can not find the black color that the sky and the sea have taken. In particular, they strongly recommend autumn folks to enjoy the ferry in rainy weather.

2. Drinking Tea in a Beautiful Landscape
Drinking tea in a beautiful landscape is one of the most popular activities for travelers in rainy weather. This tea alone does not taste the same if it is served in luxury cafes or restaurants. Tea should be left in between the neighborhoods, in the shit, even in the centuries-old coffee houses, that's when you see the real taste. That taste, taken in the historical texture, will enter the list of unforgettable tastes.

3. Walking in the rain
It is undoubtedly a walk in the rain accompanied by activities that are not abandoned in rainy weather. This activity, which is one of the things that is definitely preferred by the traveling couples, is an unforgettable moment in the air of the streets that smell of history when you step in the forest, the busiest street of the city, or if you are surrounded by historical textures.

4. Monitoring the Rain

Tracking is one of the things most travelers do. This pleasant observation, combined with the rain, allows you to catch pleasant moments that will never be forgotten. Travelers want to sit down and watch the rain for hours and hear the rain only at that moment. Sometimes they catch the photo of a rain drop falling on a leaf, sometimes sticking to the light reflected on the drip. For some travelers this observation is more valuable than many.

5. Camping
At the beginning of activities that travelers can not give up even if money is given in life, camping comes. A person who wants to be a traveler can not say I am a traveler without camping. Is it possible to think of a traveler who does not camp anymore? From what we hear from the travelers, we have yet to find the taste and pleasure of drinks such as coffee and tea that are settled outside in the rainy weather. Camping, which is a fun and spiritual activity, becomes even more valuable, especially when performed outside the city.
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