15 players who do not hesitate to wrestle their bodies in movie shootings

Movie stars often do not hesitate to undergo physical changes that can seriously damage their bodies in order to reflect their roles in the most realistic way. There is no need to add a few pounds for the role, or add habits like alcohol and cigarettes to the contract for such players. Because they are professional, they do it for what they need for their roles. Especially the actors of the action films may not like to use the stunt in dangerous scenes. They are inevitably experiencing serious injuries. Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmy, it must be the greatest motivation to get these dangers. Here are 15 players who seriously hurt the body while filming ...

1. Jared Leto - Chapter 27
Jared Leto is a full-fledged methodist who can endure all kinds of pain to give her the chance to play. Leto, who lost dozens of pounds for films such as Requiem Fore Dream and Dallas Buyers Club, took 30 pounds in two months for the 2007 film, Chapter 27. Leto, who played Mark Chapman who shot John Lennon, killed so much that he became gouty and began to struggle even when he walked. In the Suicide Squad, the artist who painted his hair and played with metal dentures to revive Joker did not do any harm to his body this time.

2. Tom Hanks - Philadelphia and Cast Away
Tom Hanks, who is known to be one of the actors who have lost their emotional roles, has made a name for this list of Oscar winners. Hanks lost a lot in Cast Away, where he played Philadelphia, an AIDS lawyer in 1993, and a guy who died in 2000 for four years on an island. Continuous weight gain for the role of the player can be the reason why he / she is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at age 60. Hanks, at the 2013 London Film Festival, told The Daily Mirror that he did not want to play in movies that forced him to change his physical appearance again: "You have to eat too much bad food and you can not exercise because your body is getting heavy." Fortunately, Despite being in her ages, she now has a fairly fit appearance.

3. George Clooney - Syriana
George Clooney's Syriana, shot in 2005, seriously injured his backbone in a torture scene of Filmin. Clooney told the Rolling Stone magazine about the event, "I got hurt very badly. I was lying in the hospital bed and could not move. My head was so painful that I felt like I was having a stroke. I thought I could not live like this. The treatment lasted for 3 weeks, "he said. The doctors initially could not pinpoint where the injury was, but eventually they saw the fluid leaking from Clooney's backbone and realized that the situation was more serious than they thought. The player had to take strong painkillers for a long time. This self-sacrifice returned to him as Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

4. Jackie Chan - Almost every movie
Jackie Chan, the famous actor in action films, never uses stunt. The famous actress repeatedly broke his fingers, his nose, his ankles, his tail, his hips and even his hips in his films. The shoulder has come out many times. She suffered multiple tremors and spinal cord injuries. Chan suffered the worst of his injuries in the shooting of God's Armor 2 filmin. He had surgery on his brain. He keeps his life with a metal plate. Living in his 60s, Chan never thinks of retirement. In 2017, he shot two action films, Bleeding Steel and The Foreigner. These movies were followed by the journey to China: Iron Mask Gizemi.

5. Sylvester Stallone - The Expendables 3
Sylvester Stallone, master-player of the films Rocky and Rambo, suffered serious injuries in many of his films. Rambo and The Expendables seriously injured his neck and spine. Stallone, who once again played the role of mercenary Barnes Ross in The Expendables 3, which was filmed in 2014, dropped the set and put a metal plate on his back. The Expendables 3 film almost killed Jason Statham, another Filmin actor. The truck Statham used did not hold the brakes and flew to the Black Sea for 60 meters. The player, who once was a diver, managed to get rid of this accident.

6. Linda Hamilton - Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Linda Hamilton took her role in Terminator 2, which she played with Sarah Connor in 1991, and her performance on the film was an example to female actors in action films. The actor suffered a sustained, permanent hearing loss in a high-volume ear with explosion of a scene protected by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the attack of the Terminator T-1000 (Robert Partrick).

7. Bruce Willis - Die Hard
Bruce Willis, a memory-scraped actor in Die Hard films, suffered two-thirds of hearing loss in his left ear due to gunshot blast on a scene in this film. Rumer Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore from the playmate, said in an introduction to Filmin that his father sometimes tried to hear the questions because he had a hearing loss in his ear and had not heard the questions.

8. Jaimie Alexander - Thor: The Dark World
Jaimie Alexander fell in the Thor film and severely damaged your body. There was a disc hernia in the backbone of the player, his left shoulder came out, his right shoulder muscles were torn, his right leg and right hand could not move for a while. After a month of physical therapy he returned to the set.

9. Michelle Yeoh - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Michelle Yeoh, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hurt himself during filming. The player fell down, making a forward jump that he repeatedly made. This decline has torn the anterior cruciate ligaments. He had to be operated on and he had been treated for months.

10. Tom Cruise - Jack Reacher
Tom Cruise is one of the stars who got injured in many action movies. Cruise to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in 2012, Jack Reacher said in a movie that a man kicked the testicles after 50 rounds, his foot swung and he had to loosen his shoe. The actor also underlined that the testimony of the opponent's actress is still intact.

11. Daniel Craig - Specter
In the film Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig suffered a blow requiring plastic surgery, severing his finger severely, tearing his shoulder muscles and hurting his ribs. But he suffered his most serious injury in the film Specter. Craig, who was injured from the knee, had to be operated on. But he did not accept it. Two weeks later he returned. After the shootings were over, he operated on the knee several times.

12. Dylan O'Brien - Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Dylan O'Brien was seriously injured in a motorcycle scene and suffered severe brain trauma. After the accident, prosthesis was made with reconstructive surgery on his face. The actor thanked his doctor for his normal face-to-face conversation. O'Brien's film did not do business at the door.

13. Mila Kunis - Black Swan
Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller Black Swan was nominated for several Academy Awards in 2011 and was nominated for Best Actress by the Academy for Natalie Portman performance. Entering a tight film for the film, Portman gave 20 pounds for Nina's role. Another actress of Filmin, Mina Kunis, lost a lot of weight for the movie like Portman. In order to look like a ballerina, the player was on a tight diet and returned to the old habit cigarette. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, Kunis said that after Black Swan, his body never returned to its original state, saying, "I left a skin and bone down 43 kilograms, and when I recovered the weight, I lost weight in completely different places."

14. Blake Lively - The Rhythm Section
The star of the Gossip Girl series, The Rhythm Section filminin, was seriously injured in his shooting in Dublin. The problem with the player who had surgery was not improved anyway. The shootings were stopped and other surgeries were planned.

15. Uma Thurman - Kill Bill
Uma Thurman sneaks in a car scene on Kill Bill. The player's neck was permanently damaged in the accident and the knee was screwed. Thurman said that many years later, director Quentin Tarantino forced himself to play in this scene.
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