10 things you should see absolutely in bremen

Bremen, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The magical city, subject to this episode, is located about 170 km from Hamburg and 188 from Berlin. It is a port city on the north-west of Germany. Bremen's history dates back to the 8th century, offering all the features you can look for in a trip, such as history, art, architecture, entertainment. During your travels, the city will be spotted as you discover it, and you will find yourself scaring the dusty pages of history. But beware: the best times for travel will be in spring, summer and autumn, as winter in Bremen can be quite harsh. Now let's examine the 10 places in Bremen that we have searched for you.

Old Town (city square)

It is the city square which is housed in the masterpieces such as Bremen Altstadt (Old Town), City Hall, Roland Sculpture, Böttcher Street, Bremen Soundscapes, Bremen Town Hall, St Peter's Church, Chamber of Commerce, Parliament, St.Peter Cathedral. You will start your journey here and it will be the most effortless way for you to travel from one to the other.

Bremen Mızıkacıları Statue

The Bremen Mizikacıları Sculpture is a magnificent work that has become one of the icons of Bremen, dedicated to the famous tale of the Grimm brothers. Its size is a work that every visitor should definitely see, even if they are surprised by their smallness. According to the popular belief of the people and therefore the tourists, it is good luck to fling their feet with the two hands at the bottom of the sculpture.

Roland Statue

Representing justice in almost every city of Germany, the Ronald Sculpture was taken to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. The sculpture holding the eagle motif shield, the symbol of Germany, was made in the memory of Ronald, the guardian of justice.


If you want to get lost in Bremen's alleys and feel the history and rest, then Bremen Schoor is the place to be. Schnoor is a frequent visitor to Bremen, with local shopping and coffee shops, as well as local and foreign tourists.

Weser River

If a boat tour is to be held in Bremen, Weser is tailor-made for this job. Especially in the evening, you can see all the lights of the city from the inside of the craft after the weather starts to light, you can be amazed at the beauty of Bremen's magnificent architecture and historical buildings built around the Weser River.


The Stadtwaage building, which has been home to the German Philharmonic Orchestra for many years, was built in the 16th century and can not stand the destructive power of the second world war. The building, rebuilt afterwards, is one of the most spectacular buildings that attract the interest and appreciation of almost every tourist who comes to Bremen.

Böttcher Strasse

Roselius-Haus and the Paula Böttcher Street, housed in the Modersohn-Becker Museum, resembles a medieval reflection with tiny candy and chocolate shops, red tiled fairy houses, bronze sculptures and watch bells. If you went to Bremen, never return without seeing Böttcher Street and its museums.

in Schlachte

When you come to the Schlachte region, you can sit in the cafés and restaurants on the river or in the ship-restaurant Admiral Nelson, enjoy the view, take in the wonderful atmosphere of both the river and Bremen with your family or your relatives traveling together.

Bremen Hauptbahnof (Station)

The Hauptbahnof Station, which was completed in 1847, is one of the most interesting buildings in Bremen. Because it requires a great deal of effort to build such a large and splendid structure in the toughest conditions of those years, many of the walks show great interest in this structure. It is worth knowing: if you come to the market during your visit, a large part of the shops in Bremen will be closed, but the Hauptbahnof station is open every day of the week, including Sunday.

Mühle am Wall

This tiny and lovely mill in Wallanlagen Park is among the buildings that have become one of the symbols of the city in Bremen. During your peaceful walks in the Wallanlagen Park you should absolutely try the delicious kahves of the tiny cafe in the Mühle am Wall Degirmen.
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