10 places to visit in spain

Spain is a paradise for lovers of fun, history and culture. In this country you feel like you are at home. Warm hosts, delicious food and the traditional family structure in Turkey as showing striking similarities to the Spanish, it is also the most loving people of Turkey in Europe. It is a magnificent country with its geographical position, where one can swim in the sea and sunbath and ski in the other side. The wonderful cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Sevilla and Granada, Costa Brava, Marbella are among the most beautiful countries that you can visit in your life with its historical monuments and architecture. Life in Spain is stress-free, quiet and fun. Time is not precious for the Spaniards, they do not try to stop the time. People enjoy sleeping, having fun, and festivals. All shops are closed from 14:00 to 17:00 and everyone is taken to the residence. In Spain, life begins in the evening.

Here, you will get caught up in a magical moment and you will immediately get used to the comfort of Spain, the most beautiful places to see and see;

1. Barcelona

Barcelona, ​​one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a legendary city with its regular streets and unique landscapes. Starting from Barcelona to visit Spain, be sure to step into the pearl of La Rambla. Barcelona beaches, museums and historical places of tourism will wrap you up and impress you with its historical texture. You will not be able to understand how time passes in Barcelona, ​​with its historical sights as well as the extremely modern shopping areas. You will get used to Barcelona, ​​where you will visit the daytime and enjoy the nightlife. This city, which you will miss when you leave, is the first place among the places that must be visited and visited by those who go to Spain.

2. Madrid

The streets are alive, the people are warm, the shops are quality Madrid is an art city covered with greenery. The city's architectural structure and atmosphere are impressive and the transportation is convenient. Madrid is the capital of Spain. Your city does not have a coastline. The most famous square is the Puerta del Sol square. You can go kayaking in Retiro Park, testify at the Prado museum. Madrid is a city full of life. With its sculptures, landscapes, squares, museums and every detail, you can admire yourself.

3. Alcazar Palace

Alcazar Palace, located in Sevilla, one of the most pleasant cities to visit with its narrow streets and Andalusia, is one of the historical places to be seen in Spain. Built on a rather large area, the Alcazar Palace is on the Unesco World Heritage list. It has been preserved as successfully as the sun, and the destruction has not suffered. It can take half a day to roam the entire palace. You can enjoy yourself in the peaceful garden of the Alcazar Palace, a complete blend of dates, and get lost in the labyrinthine palace rooms. The architecture of the Alcazar Palace, which has witnessed different civilizations, will impress you very much.

Marbella, one of Europe's leading holiday cities, is a city where tourists flock to every part of the world. Marbella in the south of Spain; sea, nature and greenery, as well as luxurious shops and spectacular beaches with a striking beach. You can enjoy your holiday on the beaches of Marbella, the spots of Spain, visit the ancient theaters in the city and join the concerts. You can witness the fun nightlife of Spain in Marbella.

5. Segovia Water Belt
The Segovia Aqueducts from the Roman period are impressive and full of history. The building is huge and magnificent. The aqueducts at the entrance of the city will leave a question mark in your mind about the technical aspect and how to do it with human power. You can see the aqueducts that appear from many places in the city at every angle. If you want to take medieval air while you are in Spain, stop by to visit the historic city of Segovia.

6. Montserrat Monastery

The monastery of Montserrat is a fascinating artifact with impressive and incomparable image. The building of such a monastery with such a high level of conditions at that time is an indication of the people that it is impossible to achieve. Go to Catalonia to visit the monastery of Montserrat, which is extraordinary. Get up to the top using the cable car. The monastery is so high that when you arrive you will feel yourself on the clouds. You will be amazed when you explore this monastery, and you will discover the traces of history.

7. Palma Dragon Caves

The Dragon Caves in Palma de Mallorco have a visually interesting structure. You walk around these caves, which are eroded by the waves of the sea, with chairs. It is not feasible to be fascinated while watching the rocks that have become a natural artistic work with the waves of the waves. When you visit Dragon Caves on a large lake, you sit on the chairs on your chairs and complete the lantern with light music accompaniment.

8. Toledo

For Toledo, the medieval city that has not lost Spain's authenticity, make sure you take a day off. Looked like a small island surrounded by water on three sides because of the river that circles around it, Toledo is a historic city that can be wandered for hours to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. The museum, cathedral and castle are quite impressive, with their doors and swords attracting attention. As you walk through the streets of Toledo you feel like you are living in the 14th century. One of the must-see places in Toledo is the Toledo Castle and the other Toledo Cathedral. These two works have an incredible splendor and bear the traces of years. Toledo, one of Spain's must-see cities, also has museums that you can see from ancient times. In Toledo you will spend every moment full.

9. Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra Palace, which is among the most important historical monuments of the world, means red. The construction of this palace in Granada belongs to the Umayyad period, just like Alcazar Palace. It is in red shades in a manner worthy of his name. When the sun sets, a palace with a red-orange renaissance fits into the sun. The symmetrical ornaments, the lion fountain and the well-groomed gardens are among the places to visit. The palace has 33 gardens. You will not see these gardens where you are well-groomed and incredibly beautiful. You feel you have taken a different step by step in this palace door, which leaves great admiration in the city. The Alhambra Palace, like a different city in Grenada, will envy you.

10. Puente Nuevo Bridge

Located between the most beautiful bridges of the world, the Puento Nuevo Bridge has a breathtaking view. This bridge in Ronda is the highest bridge connecting two hills. You can walk on the bridge and watch the sunset of the sun, accompanied by birds singing in the sea. Go to Spain and do not return without seeing this historic bridge.
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