10 places to visit in september

The hot, humid, scorching, and of course, the stifling weather can be a feast for those who are upset. September is at the door ... The air is cooling, the rains are rising, and autumn winks at us from afar. If you are worried that you can not holiday as you want in summer, you are waiting for September to visit and vacation, then we can say that time is flowing for you. Now it's time for you to rest ...

If you have little idea of where to go and what to do, if you are in a confused state and want to go abroad, take a look at my writing. In September you can easily travel to Central European countries and many other places. Air temperatures will be appropriate. We've settled for ten places for you.

1. Prague, Czech Republic
If you think that I should be shocked and shocked by a very mystical, history-freaking, scrumptious place, Prague will be a great place for you. It has more than one history in Prague. Vltava River, bridges, canals, different architectural structures passing right in the middle of the city will take your mind from your head and take you to remote lands. Moreover, it is very advantageous to be a city where you can visit and see everything in a short time ... Because Prague is not really a big place. Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and at the same time the capital.

If you start by visiting the Old Town Square for the first time, you will have the opportunity to visit more than one architecture. Here, You can see the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Hall, then visit the Tyn Church, pass the Saint Niklaus Klice, photograph the Jan Hus monument and then take a look at the Kinsky Palace.

2. Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is home to eye-catching architectural monuments. When you come here you will probably be the first stopping point Buddha Castle. The position of Buddha Kalesin is at the peak of the Danube River. The view of the castle is infested. Inside the castle is the Hungarian Military History Museum. There are different kinds of structures in this area that will attract your interest. You can also visit the caverns. If you like thermal pools, you can visit Thermal Pools in this area again. Then you can go to Gellert Hill.

3. Vienna
Vienna is the capital of Austria and at the same time it is the biggest city in the country. If you want to see museums, multiple art galleries, palaces with wonderful architectural structures, churches and interesting streets, we can say that this is the right address for you. The first stop for visitors to Vienna is usually the Hofburg Palace. Construction 13th century. this palace has been enlarged for centuries and has now become a glorious state. Another attraction for tourists is the Schönbrunn palace and gardens. Then you can visit St. Stefan Cathedral, Karl church, Graben cave, art history museum and many more.

4. San Diego
San Diego is located in the south-west of America and is almost on the side with Mexico. The best part of this is the warm weather throughout the four seasons. We can say that the beaches just on the edge of the ocean are perfect for those who just want to take a vacation. The people of this city, which will be magnificent in the face of the quietness of trip lovers who want to listen, are also extremely friendly.

If you are here, we certainly recommend you to go to the San Diego zoo to visit the Pandas. You can also meet here with exotic animals from many different species. If you just want to sunbathe you can go to Mission Beach, you can walk along the ocean, maybe you can take a surfboard and go head to head.

5. Las Vegas
I want to have fun and tell me about the places where the prohibitions are not forbidden, Las Vegas will be the right place for you. Called the "forbidden city," Las Vegas is home to many entertainment venues and is a place to live day and night! If you want to see the hotels that have the features of different countries, the museums with different concepts and you want to see more, and I am going to spend money,

6. Los Angeles
Let's not say from the beginning that there is a problem with transportation in Los Angeles ... The country is only accessible by metro and bus in certain areas. Outside of these areas, you can use taxis that work with the reservation system or you can rent a car. Of course, those who come here are going to Hollywood for the first time. Afterwards you can visit different points of the colorful and vibrant city.

7. Berlin, Germany
This city, which is the capital of Germany and will be a candidate for tarihe almost home, invites you to discovery. Berlin Wall, Brandesburg Gate, Reichstag, Alexanderplatz, Berliner Dom and many more.

8. Frankfurt, Germany
Welcome to Frankfurt, Germany's fifth largest city. You will enjoy visiting the houses and churches that have their own architectural structure and this city will make you more than one great pose! You can visit the house of Goethe, an important writer who has left an important mark in history.

9. Greece
Greece, with its beauty and splendor enough to throw your eyes out of its nest, invites you to explore with its traces of the history, philosophy history and taste of the palate. You can start your sightseeing tour by visiting the Athena, first named by the goddess Athena. Athena, a historical center in itself, will fascinate you with its many historical buildings and stories. Then you can go to the islands of Greece with its wonderful beauty and you can travel here as well.

10. Spain
You will not regret having come here with colorful buildings and the air that heats you. Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla and many other cities ... Pick one or a few and start exploring!
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