10 most beautiful fabulous coast turkey

Quite perfect sand and clear sea waters of some beaches in Turkey certainly both countries, as well as among the most beautiful beaches in the world in terms. We have decided for you 10 of the best ones like this beautiful holiday paradise islands. Here are the details;

Ölüdeniz is one of the most beautiful beaches in Fethiye. It offers a pretty nice image even if it is a non-sandy beach and usually a sandy beach. Dalaman Airport is easily accessible. The waters of this private beach, where parachutists often go, are definitely worth a swim. It can be said that it is definitely a very impressive beach with its all green nature and famous sea of color.

The famous Ilica Beach in Çeşme, Adnan Menderes Airport is not far away and transportation is easy. Ilica beach is only 4-5 km away from Çeşme center. It is said that the water in this place may be healing for some illnesses. That's also the reason why the beach gets its name because there are some regions that produce hot water at sea. Ilıca Beach, which has one of the rare occurrences in the world, is definitely a place to be seen.

The Butterfly Valley certainly has as perfect a name as its name. Located in the lower parts of the famous Babadag, Butterfly Valley has a reputation not only in the country but also in the world. Tourists from many countries come to visit every year. The fact that there are no buildings around and the fact that it is not allowed has helped this beautiful place to remain natural. The possibility of transportation through Dalaman Airport is very good. It is one of the most preferred places for camping.

One of the most important features of the Patara Beach in Kaş, which is one of the most beautiful and beautiful districts of Antalya, is the biggest beach in the Mediterranean Region. It is home to ancient monuments such as Apollo Temple and is a unique beach with the beauty of its nature. The water is a beautiful color and it is a place of nature that makes you feel pretty good with thin sand. It is quite easy to travel using Dalaman Airport. It is also very important in terms of Caretta Caretta turtles.

Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan is about 4 km and is one of the biggest beaches. Sweet and salt water are here together, and it is famous for its property. As the Caretta Caretta is home to turtles as it is on Patara Beach, the plaja entrance hours are specially set. It can be entered after 8 o'clock in the morning, not at any time of day, and should be abandoned before 8 o'clock in the evening. The settlement threatens the region because it is not a protected area.

Cleopatra Beach is located on the border of Alanya which is one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya. Damlatas Cave, which is near to this world famous beach, is one of the places to visit. It is observed that it is crowded with someone who is quite long beaches. Kumu and the sea is also a pretty impressive beach.

Altınkum Beach is located in Didim and is not only a beautiful place but also a resort area that can be rented as an alternative home system. It is advantageous not to be too far from the center of Didim. Another plus is the location of a public beach, which can be used for free. However, the beach is also located in private businesses. Adnan Menderes Airport is also very close and there is no big transportation problem.

Incekum Beach, located in Marmaris, is a sandy beach with lots of visitors with its excellent water color. They are in mutual position with the island of Sedir. It is possible to find most of the things you look for in facilities for all needs.

Antalya Airport is not too far from Kumköy Beach in Side and transportation is easy. The sand and the sea are quite beautiful as well as the historical buildings are raising interest here. It contains a large number of facilities.

Kadırga Bay is located in Assos and attracts many people every year with the clarity of the water despite the beach which is stone. The distance to the center of Çanakkale is about 90 km.

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